Reddit in a Nutshell II: The End of Logic

Okay first of all!!! :rage::rage::rage: I know I said I’m quitting and I’m a man of my word like ma boii Jack says. However, I got Tony from the 1 rare key I got last season… started playing again, guess what! Toxicity was mild but now in Hotness and it’s back to what I remember. Will be gone soon again unless I get another free hero from the key I have this season :rage::rage::rage:

Okay so, I wanted to make this a series and now the sequel is upon us!


Also, DIDN’T I SAY DELETE MY ACCOUNT!! :rage::rage::rage::rage:

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Complains about toxicity goes to Reddit and expects a good result

Silence foo! You don’t know about my series!

Did the guy call t4 “hell tier”?
…in 3v3 ranked…?

He’s probably new, so understable but boy is he in for surprise.

Actually, something I learned from watching reading comments on FlashX’s “Guide to Soloque” is that many people get stuck in T5-6 for literally their entire VG career. While I was griping about being stuck in T7 then T9.

Some of us kind of saw this when VainSocial showed a graphic that showed most players in the T4-T6 range (by far), but I had to read the comments for it to really hit home. Yes, most people really are this bad. Just as T10s will usually look at my play and think I’m a noob, I would likewise view 99% of the T4-6s.

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Aes, if you wanna leave, just go. Stop coming back if it breaks your nerves every time. Toxicity won’t get taken care of.

Did I not state why I came back? This is just humor, chill out.

Also, don’t you dare accuse semc of not taking care of things!

I’m actually waiting for a package to arrive then it’s bye bye miss American pie. I really do love playing in CT though.

Wait did you mean toxic in game or reddit?

I just want to stay in CT ;-;

Also, I’ve seen some POAs that I’m just like, wow tiers are really a crap indicator. Vgr only a few I’ve had a chance of playing with and I’d say more of them are very good

Why not both :joy:

super secret text

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Herecy :vg_::vg_:

I’m surprised myself. I thought circle jerk united were gonna down vote it to hell. Guess they aren’t that bias after all.