Red Lantern 2018 Event: Play Vainglory 5V5, Earn Lunar Fame and Get Rewarded |

yay or nay?

I’m not excited

I’m pretty excited for this event. With this faction competition going on, it will help perpetually increase gameplay in order to defeat the opposing team. It will also encourage group play because you would want to play with people who are in the same faction as you are so you maximize the wins and don’t share any spoils with the enemy faction.


I actually think this is a great event – I’m really happy (like really, REALLY happy) that they have done something special for 3.0 … hopefully it’s just the beginning!


I think it’s a good way to encourage people to try and play 5v5, it’s a good way to release 5v5, making an event and all… I have to see it.

Happy. I want team Gwen. Want.

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I really like the event, especially since we haven’t had one in an extremely long time.
I’m ready to see all of the salty posts from players in th losing team, with being rng’d into the bad team being one of the main complaints, even if the rng team placement is pretty understandable.

as I said on reddit

“they want to make it community goal just like last christmas? I’m not that interested tbh, unless there is some personal achievement, but then it will be p2w event”

Sounds pretty cool, but whether or not you win anything will be totally random, so not as exciting as some events were.

It’s cool to see events in VG, it keeps the game fresh imo.
Tho I hope it isn’t like the last one they did where everyone got the 100m kills chest through a bug anyway lol

kinda on the fence about this one.
it makes for a lot of instalocking, you can buy the fame (not that it will matter much, but i find it really weird) and a team full of red lantern heroes is not that good. also, why is gift wrapped fort and grumpjaw in this?

i also dont really like the rewards. any unowned skin could turn out to be a rare one you would never play with and that is kinda dissapointing.

i would have rather have them give out any of the bonus skins and, if they already own them all, one unowned skin.

same with the blueprints.

It’s year of the dog and GR Fort and LD GJ are dogs


ok thanks. would have been nice if semc put that in the description. there are people without knowledge of chinese traditions playing this game after all.

but why dont they use all fortress skins? kinda sad, that the badass wolf wont be on the fold for two weeks.

Yeah, NP. I actually only know about that because of Overwatch.
I think other Fort skins don’t count for the bonus bc they’re based more on wolves, although I think they should’ve made his T3 skin count at least, as it’s based on Cerberus and the other two heads are pugs

so whoever gets most of the pros/streamers wins?

whoever gets most of the whales will win.
pitchblack could probably just buy his victory…

but as it is completly random and its quite possible that every game brings 30 points to one team and 20 to the other, this will be a tight fight.

Interesting but not the best event that SEMC could had had in mind

So only 1 team will win the skin right?

i wait vox skin all right vox on ice

I think its a fun idea for an event and I like that both sides get something.

I personally will be ignoring the skins and playing whatever I think is best, but why not its a bit of fun.

Wot, so there are 2 teams but the entire playerbase is randomly assigned? It will just even out in the end and everyone will just collect their free stuff at the end of the event even if they did nothing.

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