Real Names?

Hey everyone,

I was half talking to myself while looking for a specific post, trying to remember who said it. I noticed I remember a surprising amount of usernames and that got me curious -

What is everyone’s real name ? Does it fit your online persona ?

I personally am curious about Hipster’s

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Most definitely not. I havent seen anyone named RiseChu before.

My original ign for vainglory was RisingStarKing which was made for my love of Guardians of the Galaxy’s StarLord (which was taken) so RSK was chosen instead.

Then by three? years later, all my teammates, guildmates, and overall everyone had called me Rise as a alternative to such a long name.

So decided to make it my own by changing my Ign to RiseChu (Rise + my 2nd favorite pokemon pikaCHU = Rai-Chu but Rise :potoo: ).

And therefore, any game that I play that has a name slot uses Risechu or RiseChu :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Also the name is Josh UwU

Well my previous name “SideRaider” was in reference to another username “SideArms” who was a Minecraft utuber. I just liked the “side” part because it felt slick for some reason. Call me “side”. Doesn’t have anything to do with anyone’s real name though.

My IGN comes from my ancestry. I’m Scottish, and my heritage lies in a Scottish clan known as the MacAulay Clan. Because of marriges, the last name MacAulay actually ended with my Great-Grandmother, so I don’t actually have that name. But I like the history and am kinda proud of it, so I made it my IGN.

That’s my mum’s side of the family. My dad is originally from Iraq, so my real name is Arabic: Zeki. It means ‘pure’ in Arabic and ‘clever’ in Turkish. (neither of which I really am, whoops).

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I have hazel eyes.

Name reveal

Lysander Hieronymus Atreides

Face reveal


You look more anime than I expected


It’s just the Instagram filter I used.


This would have been my name if some insert profanity here didn’t already steal it lmao.

The ign I use universally now is “Sagittericus.” (Think Sagittarius, and then sagi + tericus)

Sagittarius A is the supermassive black hole in the center of the milky way galaxy. Esoteric is a name given to something very secretive. Sagittarius was found after discovering strange signals seemingly coming from Sagittarius’s constellation, and then soon discovered to be “hiding” behind it.

I guess i wanted a secretive name, because my real one is super boring lmao

If you’re interested in such stuff (I definitely am! I am a frustrated astrophysicist – one of the several careers I considered and decided against, to my later regret), you might want to keep an eye on the Event Horizon Telescope: they are attempting to image Sgr A* directly. Observations were completed in 2017, processing of the data is underway now. Images hopefully coming in a few months.

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Oh Fascinating! This text will be blurred

Real name is Aakash and it means sky in my language
Username is from a mmo game I used to play a decade ago.

Story behind username is that there was a top level weapon in-game (was a rare boss drop as well) named Vorpal Blade.
Trading to each other was a big thing and folks usually paid hefty price for premium items.
One day a guy came around asking for experience boosters (premium stuff that helps you gain more experience from monsters) and I happened to have 5 of those.
We traded for pretty big in game currency and that weapon for 5x experience boosters, I cherished that weapon for so long and eventually that name grew on me.

Game name is flyff in case anyway wanna look it up.
Pretty much dead userbase now tho.

We seem to be increasingly alike - I haven’t decided on a career path yet but if I do go to university astrophysics is what I’m most likely to end up doing.

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My forum username is a reference to a really old meme. The only reason why my IGN is “Guest047” was because I couldn’t come up with a better username at the time. The other two usernames that I often use are “Yirash” and “Bucketkicker.” I forgot the reasoning behind “Yirash,” and “bucketkicker” is a reference to the saying “kick the bucket,” which itself refers to a bucket list, a list of things you want to accomplish before you die.

My real name is Kevin Yang.

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My username is just a reference to the Pokemon Snap playthrough on the Game Grumps channel. Its the name that was used for thier in-game name. It was one of my favorite games as a kid and I really like everyone that is/was part of thr channel, so I just went with it (mainly bc I’m bad with coming up with names).

As for my real name, its Jesse. It’s pretty uniteresting compared to everyone else’s. I also hate it a little sometimes bc everyone has the need to use the femminine version with an “i” for some reason. I blame Toy Story 2 a lot of the time, tbh. On another note, most of my friends just call me J bc it’s easier on the tounge in conversations. I use that as my name in single-player rpgs and stuff a lot of the time

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When my brother and I were really young we created a Minecraft account for the both of us. We picked the username “popcornlover21” because we like movies/popcorn. I was the one who mostly used the account and he didn’t really play videogames so I just kept that as my IGN for every game I played. That’s the first IGN I used for VG and the old forums.
An internet friend suggested I change it to “PopcornOne” (Xbox One was a big meme at the time). That’s the name I’ve stuck with for a few years now.

My real name is Ryan.

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i picked Pigstuffs because i like pigs and also compound names are the best names and i liked the use of the words stuffs in ‘foodstuffs’