Readjusting to the forums

Hey all,

I finally got around to making an account after the crushing realization that “Vincitoria” was taken. Henceforth, I have decided to go by the name “Vincentina”. Now back to the matter at hand, I am lost.
Where is off topic?
What’s the new cool thing to complain about?
What is the rep farming meta at the moment?
What cool and crazy things have I missed?
Are stars a thing?
Who is the current troll of the month?

Thanks in advance :3


Welcome back!
You can join OT by going to the groups tab and joining the group Off Topic Denizen.

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Off-topic can be found by using the ‘hamburger’ menu, which is left of your avatar. From the menu, choose groups, and you can find down the list “OffTopicDenzien”. Join that group and you’ll have access to off-topic.

The new cool thing to complain about is Vainglory as a whole. Sub-complaints include the matchmaker, the current state of 5v5, and how the meta doesn’t involve Ozo.

I can’t speak for the rest. Nice to see a new face!


I find it strange Vincitoria was taken and only posted OG material from the old forums, all of the content originally by Vincitoria, which leads me to think it was created purely to Link the old threads to this forum and isn’t actually owned by any users.

Just like all the hero names are reserved.

Welcome to the forums~!

It’s all about HEARTS here. :heart::hearts::sparkling_heart::heartpulse::heartbeat::sparkling_heart::yellow_heart::green_heart::blue_heart::purple_heart:

Be sure to go through the tutorial and badges.


That sad moment when you realize that there won’t be a Monthly starred thread by vinci


Welcome back!

This text will be blurred

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Welcome home

don’t mind this 30 character thingy it is just hidden away

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