Ratings, where are they now?


So how do we rate things useful, funny and creative passively aggressive now? Do we reply to a thread with a png of the rating?

Is there a way to differentiate likes from comments vs likes on thread topics?

You can like a persons post by clicking the heart from what I see.


But that’s not a funny rating or useful.


Haha, from what I see that don’t seem to be an option. Maybe one of the staff members know something that I don’t.


So the only rating available at the moment is the heart. Which basically functions as agree did in the old forums (although you are rate limited in the number of agrees you can hand out per day by your account’s trust level - for more on this see this: https://meta.discourse.org/t/what-do-user-trust-levels-do/4924 )

We could potentially add others but only if there is a good case for them serving the purpose of building the community or building the informational quality of the forum. As they were in the original forums ratings were a feature that were largely abused.

People manipulated them to artificially boost their account in gamified elements of the forum (ie they incentivised shit posting) and they were used as a substitute for actual communication - as you point out to passively aggressively show disagreement without explaining your viewpoint, engaging or justifying what you were saying.

On these forums there are a number of badges which are set up to incentivise good forum behaviour (such as the helpful badge for those answering questions in the Help! Category) - and for most of these you can collect them multiple times so if you want a gamified forum experience - there it is. However most are set up so that their limit is based around quality rather than quantity.

TL:DR Basically we want as a community less of these :vg_: and more of these :vgcheersx1: and its not clear that ratings in the old forum were encouraging that.

This forum software

I’m glad we have the basic like function although I will miss the funny rating a bit


I actually like the fact that ratings don’t exist anymore other than liking someone’s post, hated it so much. Old forums became an arms race to see who could get the most ratings instead of discussions.


yee, we need rating back, gotta farm that useful stuffs


Wait, we can just repurpose the emojis. Someone toxic should get on that.


I miss them already when i see your thread