Rating Talents


Just something I felt like doing today.

Ratings will be based on how fun and/or fair a Talent feels, related stats and my own experience.


A. “Fun for You, Death or Extreme Denial for the Enemy.”

The title says it all. Some are fair but most are not.

For Rare Talents:

  • Adagio’s Gift of Life.
  • Anka’s Gale Blade.
  • Kestrel’s Glimmer Volley.
  • Kinetic’s Pain Tracers.
  • Lance’s Reinforced Walls.

For Epic Talents:

  • Ardan’s Heavy Hitter.
  • Baron’s Endless Mortars.
  • Joule’s Backup Button.
  • Kensei’s Enlightened Kensho.
  • Kinetic’s Plasma Overdrive.
  • Lance’s Rollout.
  • Lorelai’s Clam Up.
  • Magnus’ Arcane Alchemist.
  • Samuel’s Unwaking Nightmare.

For Legendary Talents:

  • Adagio’s Healing Verse.
  • Anka’s Crimson Blade.
  • Ardan’s Knockout Punch.
  • Idris’ Shimmer Heal.
  • Kinetic’s Max Kinetic.
  • Lorelai’s Wonder Wall.
  • Phinn’s Raid Boss.
  • Silvernail’s Tri-Wire.
  • Skye’s Piercing Barrage.
  • Vox’s Echo Chamber.


B. “Just Good.”

Talents under this category are fair enough to fight against and provide good to decent power to the hero.

For Rare Talents:

  • Alpha’s Core Overclock.
  • Ardan’s Vanguardian.
  • Baptiste’s Bad Bad Mojo.
  • Baron’s Turbo Jets.
  • Blackfeather’s Hummingbird Heart.
  • Catherine’s Advancing Guard.
  • Celeste’s Young Star.
  • Churnwalker’s Churn Tank.
  • Flicker’s Swarming Light.
  • Glaive’s Violent Afterburn.
  • Grace’s Seal of Retribution.
  • Grumpjaw’s Rampage.
  • Gwen’s Speed Loader.
  • Inara’s Dance of Mending.
  • Joule’s Rocket Leapfrog.
  • Kensei’s Accelerated Mind.
  • Koshka’s Frenzied.
  • Krul’s Dead Man’s Barrier.
  • Lorelai’s Splash Doubledown.
  • Lyra’s Twin Missiles.
  • Magnus’ Mystic Seer.
  • Malene’s Spiky Spiky.
  • Phinn’s Friendly Cavil.
  • Reim’s Creeping Cold.
  • Ringo’s Long Shot.
  • Rona’s MOAR Rage.
  • Samuel’s Power Siphon.
  • SAW Piercing Bullets.
  • Silvernail’s Bolt Action.
  • Skaarf’s Splitfire.
  • Skye’s Enhanced Thrusters.
  • Taka’s Ranged Kaiten.
  • Tony’s Might Brawler.
  • Varya’s Long Strike.
  • Vox’s Deep Dash.
  • Yates’ Extended Hooks.

For Epic Talents:

  • Adagio’s Avenging Wrath.
  • Alpha’s Prime Time.
  • Anka’s Gythian Tempest.
  • Baptiste’s The Reaper.
  • Catherine’s Quick Pursuit.
  • Celeste’s Core Leaf Clover.
  • Churnwalker’s Cloud of Torment.
  • Flicker’s Binding Dust.
  • Glaive’s Stunning Bloodsong.
  • Grace’s Double Benediction.
  • Grumpjaw’s Reconstitution.
  • Gwen’s Skedaddling.
  • Idris’ Cha Cha Chakram.
  • Inara’s Banishing Might.
  • Kestrel’s Active Reload.
  • Koshka’s Twirly Life.
  • Kruls’ Healing Smite.
  • Lyra’s Mobile Bulwark.
  • Malene’s Shadow Terror.
  • Ozo’s Ring Leader.
  • Phinn’s Phaster.
  • Reim’s Long Winter.
  • Reza’s Firemaker.
  • Ringo’s Bullet Split.
  • Rona’s Heroic Brawler.
  • SAW’s Speedy Spin Up.
  • Silvernail’s Caustic Bounty.
  • Skaarf’s Flash Fire.
  • Skye’s Raining Death.
  • Taka’s Protective Decoy.
  • Tony’s Haymakers.
  • Varya’s Static Barrier.
  • Vox’s Sound Barrier.
  • Yates’ Whiplash.

For Legendary Talents:

  • Alpha’s Acceleration.
  • Baptiste’s Army of Souls.
  • Baron’s Trion Cannon.
  • Blackfeather’s Elusiveness.
  • Churnwalker’s Grappling Hook.
  • Flicker’s Fairy Healing.
  • Fortress’ Flank Attack.
  • Glaive’s Twisted Pursuit.
  • Grace’s United Front.
  • Grumpjaw’s Big Appetite.
  • Joule’s Thundering Steps.
  • Kensei’s Endless Path.
  • Koshka’s Slashy Play Time!
  • Krul’s Cursed Blade.
  • Lance’s Striker.
  • Magnus’ Infinite Arcana.
  • Malene’s Royal Favors.
  • Ozo’s Bangarangarang!
  • Petal’s Explosive Force.
  • Reim’s Revenant.
  • Rona’s Fast Whirlwind.
  • Samuel’s Viscous Darkness.
  • SAW’s Road Rage.
  • Skaarf’s Flaming Sludge.
  • Tony’s Doesn’t Even Hurt.
  • Varya’s Thunderstorm.
  • Yates’ Rapid Response.


C. “Eh, Not Really Worth the Grind.”

The Talents under this section don’t add much to the hero’s power potential or have underpowered stats, be it due to constant nerfs or questionable changes, or requires a very long investment time that isn’t as rewarding as other Legendary Talents.

For Rare Talents, I consider:

  • Fortress’ Longtooth.
  • Idris’ Path of the Seeker.
  • Ozo’s Second Wind.
  • Petal’s Bouncer.
  • Reza’s Burning Barrier.

For Epic Talents, I consider:

  • Blackfeather’s Point Guard.
  • Fortress’ Critical Wounds.
  • Petal’s Kaboom Seeds.

For Legendary Talents, I consider:

  • Catherine’s Shockwave.
  • Celeste’s Galaxy Collapse.
  • Gwen’s Three of a Kind.
  • Inara’s Sacred Warrior.
  • Kestrel’s Piercing Shot.
  • Lyra’s Gythian Ward.
  • Reza’s Nether Rage.
  • Ringo’s Spiked Brew.
  • Taka’s Triple X-Retsu.


However, pick what you like I always say. Sometimes, you only need one of the Talents in a hero’s set for you to play Brawl modes with them. Doesn’t matter if the other Talents are weak if one Talent is good enough, no?

Anyway, what are your opinions on Talents, be it as a whole or for specific Talents?

Let’s discuss below!


anka rare vs ringo rare

you’ll see… the later is far more obnoxious and dangerous


Burning barrier on Reza used to be amazing…until they changed it so it applies after the dash and not at the start. Nearly useless in a pinch now.


Ok so it’s long so I kinda skimmed through it, but a few things:

  1. Gwen’s Rare, on CP Gwen, is pure destruction. I mean maybe it’s just me, I am a Gwen main and do have the talent lv12, but still…

  2. Idris’s Path of the Seeker used to be the most broken thing in the game, but SEMC realised this and changed the +28% or so WP and CP to -28% or so WP and CP and now it’s dud.

  3. Reza’s rare and legendary should both be B class imo, They do provide some fun and extra power.

  4. Why the hell aren’t Rona’s and Alpha’s legendaries in A class? When used well those destroy, Rona’s especially.


I didn’t see magnus epic in blitz its really rare,the second part is epic Lorelai it’s better version of epic samuel with too low cd.
Put epic samuel in B

@Orikson question it’s worth max every talent for baptiste? I feel all his talents is good especially L when max out like 7 second