Ranking goals of this season

After this last update, if you want to calculate in percentage, how much time do you intend to spend to reach your 5v5 goal at the end of the season and how much in the 3v3 ranking?

About me, I’m going to play 70% of 5v5 ranked and 30% of 3v3 ranked

100% 5v5

I played 3v3 yesterday and I was so bored as a carry. I felt the urge to rotate to lanes that weren’t there, most likely annoyed my jungler (sorry random guy) by the amount of counter jungling I practically forced, and the game was just over so quickly

I mean I went 18/1/4 but I was so bored. Bring on 5v5

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120% 5v5. Got a 6 man team ready, we’re gonna smash it

Pretty much exactly how I feel about it. Gonna go in hard 5v5 and use 3v3 as a buffer for my 5v5 frustrations.


I think I’mma skip 5v5 for a couple months and let thing iron out

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Now will be a good time to rank up in 3v3 cos much lesser trolls. Only the ones who seriously want to rank up will play 3v3 rank. Most of the useless scrubs will go to 5v5 rank without doubt.


I plan to rush Vainglorious in 3v3 which should be quick since I’m most of the way through POA silver, and then get Vainglorious 5v5 only playing 3s to not decay.

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well, not to contradict you, but i just played a ranked 5v5 with a deserter, and a ranked 3v3 with a deserter… both with deserter forgiveness…

Its only been 2 ranked games so far… but its not making a good impression on me… 100% of my games has got trolled.

Lets see if i can make it 3/3 and keep the 100% deserter forgiveness in ranked… I can almost guarantee it will happen.

But what if you indicate that you’ll pick roam though.

Eh I’ve decayed to T7 from t9 now and with all the talk of messed up elo, I’ll just stick to casual and blitz.

Ooo true. I might start playing rank 3v3 again.

Don’t bother it’s getting worse now like a captain build koshka and a captain take both instalocked and both left me for dead in 1v3 scenarios

im planning to ACTUALLY NOT GIVE UP

is it weird that my first CASUAL 5v5 game is ACTUALLY the game that does NOT have an afk player?

seriously… maybe they should just make the U.I all casual (and secretly it really is ranked)… just so people don’t afk…

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I never plan my friend . . . I DO it… everytime… all the time… without fail… the only thing more consistent, is the sun rising every morning…

i’m going to play maybe 80% 3v3. 5v5 is just boring and slow and i rarely get to play jungler. in 3v3 however i can 1v1 krul as reza so it is boring in a different way. at least i can play who i wanmt and actually feel like im making an impact. the only time i feel like im making and impact in 5v5 is when i back door and destroy the vaincrystal or clear out my entire lane with no help. i have only done this a couple of times as grumpjaw and once as cp petal.

why are there so many flagged posts what happened

Reach vgl in 3v3 and then push 5v5.

Honestly I don’t know. I might see which one feels more natural, and/or swap back and forth between the two modes whenever I get stuck. A lot of people (including some high tiers) have not yet figured out that many dynamics in 5v5 are different from 3v3. They also haven’t figured out WP Kestrel builds not involving Clockwork. My point is that 5v5 ranked is not some magical place free from strife. Even the important parts of soloqueing 5v5 are a bit different from 3v3, honestly.

Planning to focus on 5v5 I’ll throw in a few 3v3 games.

Tough though, had me starting in tier 4 for 5v5 (thanks semc) but have ground that up to SA bronze hoping to get some better match ups as a bad laner in your team is a disaster.