Ranked Meta Sucks

Currently in Credible Threat (6) Bronze, used to be at gold, but because of this bs meta, I went down a lot. I really think this is just insane and really bad luck, because I keep getting either the worst teamates known to man, the same dumb meta, or both. The meta of course I am talking about is SAW + Taka + Arden. Never have I ever won a match against this dumb team, and it’s mostly the same dang builds taka “mains” use (Stormcrown, aftershock, anything annoying). These three heroes seriously need to be nerfed, because raked is just ruining the whole game for me overall. I can’t stop playing another match, because I’m so eager to go back to gold, only to find out that I’m back where I started. I seriously need help to countering this dumb and stupid meta, or/and mainly Taka, but SAW and Ardan will help too. I would also like to know how to carry teammates, because I ALWAYS have to carry at least 1 of my teammates, if not both.

So firstly - it sounds like you are tilted - if so its better to not play again for a little bit rather than just queuing again.

In terms of countering Taka he usually has three nemesis in the jungle - Petal, Fortress and Koshka so perhaps pick up one of them?

Ok so. Firstly, stop ranking till 5v5 ranked is released, because the matchmaker, ESPECIALLY for 3v3 is super wacky now and apparently very less people rank.

My friend had to wait 20+ mins for a match in trioQ rank the other day, and he still didn’t get any

I know this feeling, I was 3 elo away from hotness and am currently at t5 silver, but the easiest way is to stop caring about your elo.

If your mechanical skill and game knowledge is at par with like, say t7 silver level, you’ll eventually reach there.
For now, just keep practicing in 5v5 casuals since it’s going to be the primary ranked more soon enough.

Rank does really suck atm.
It is way to dependant on your carry not being a complete idiot. You just need 1 competent carry in 5v5… I had a slam dunk win (good carry) and a loss purely on our carry not even understanding his own hero. In freaking ranked.

I wanted to up my MMR after the loss streak I had. But ranked is like a game of dice. Unlike 5v5 where I feel and can see where to win. 3v3 is a giant mess.

@idmonfish we lost this match on Idris. He didn’t even understand how to chain his skills. He took most of the fatal damage because he refused to engage until he was 1v3. He kept suiciding on saw refused to buy armour and we had to 3 man lane half the match to keep our turrets up. He never ganks with us either.

I build damage to chain together with Taka enabling taka to do well.

I was SA gold early in the season and poa before that. Unable to climb back because of draft. Instalock carries are usually the most incompetent…

2 ranked wins 1 loss and I am about even rank wise…
3v3 is so bad I wouldn’t shed a tear if they deleted it.
I prefer battle royal over 3v3 atm… I really dislike battle royal…

This was one of my wins. Enemy players weren’t bad but I abused chainwalker to feed every hit through the entire enemy team.

As people have stated in here before, just don’t rank right now, and take a break. Ranked at this time is absolute garbage. Truly. I’m also in T6 bronze, and I got paired with two teammates that didn’t know how to counter-build against a SAW or a Taka. It’s embarrassing.


Meanwhile every 5v5 match contains at least 1 taka and/or 1 saw and/or 1 cath at bare minimum. Saw and taka because its saw and taka, and cath clearly because new player. They really need to let the newbies start from 3v3 or something because its getting really bad in 5v5 on basic mechanics

Going to need an explanation on this one - Cath used to be a must-ban in high ELO matches.

If you’re going to rank to keep up decay, do so in the current lack of meta (Taka, Saw, etc)

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Because cath is part of the new player hero pool. Mostly referring to the catherines or just the normal captains in general that go on to build aftershock/stormcrown first item

I remember I have posted some tips for ranking right now, but can’t find it :unamused:
But I can briefly tell you, remember that if you have disadvantages, other has it as well!

So, let’s go to our main topic, if you want to play rank right now, which should you play?

There are 2 options for you right now, Carry and Jungler. Since Captain won’t have much effect below T9, you can’t soloQ with Captain. And remember that Spellfire is ruling right now! So bring on the mages, not Taka or Saw.

  • For Carry: Samuel, Skaarf, Celeste, Vox CP. Choose one hero of this set. I prefer Samuel. Why?
    Because they suprisingly OP with the Spellfire right now! I can find out that you have struggling with Taka and Saw for now. Ok! Good for you, Samuel counters them both. Samuel provides nuking damage to Saw with secure kill (ultimate). If you play him perfectly well, you can kill even Taka in 1v1 (if your support forgot to buy flare, buy 2-3 and throw them right the time Taka ultimate at you. Remember to AA him once to make him loses his invisibility). Also, Celeste is also good at counter these both, but quite harder since u have to time your B right after Taka uses his A. And for Vox CP? Well, push to win!

  • For Jungler: Petal, Samuel, Skye.
    Why? Petal is good to people in low rank since she is not complex (you don’t even need to AA enemy, your pets do it for you). However, she can’t counter Saw since he can kill all your pets very quickly, thats why I introduce you to SKye! With the buff to W, she is now a beast in rank below T8. Just remember to equip her with Spellfire.

Some builds you should take inspirations:

carry flies away…


Btw, if you feel like you will be deleted right the time you step into combat turn your back right away!
Don’t feed but remember, if you feel you could engage and will, then combat! It doesn’t mean you have to be a coward.
Remember, current meta is now focus on carry, so if you are a better carry, you will still win

Not sure I understand this post, lane meta is CP Vox assuming it’s not banned. Jungle is Krul and Koshka.

Taka is easily countered by petal, Koshka, fortress or Baptiste. Koshka and petal simply dominate him, both early and late game. And given people at this level aren’t reflex blocking you’ll own saw with Koshka ult.

Saws annoyinng but I rarely have problems vs him with CP Vox. Sure you might lose first turret, but your resonance out ranges him and your clear speeds insanely quick.

I’d use grace as a roam, her B is pain for both Ardan and saw.

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