Ranked is a joke

Yeah matchmaking sure is fixed huh? Did I even have a fkn team to play with? Honestly the only thing keeping me from playing this game as much is that fact that

  1. SEMC has yet to fix the matchmaking system. I don’t fkn care if there’s a t1 mate in my game and the enemy team for “balance.” I expect people of my skill tier in every match as a good representation of where I stand.
  2. Situations like these are unforgiving to players like me. What I mean by that is that despite me trying my hardest to even give the team a fighting chance, fighting with all I’ve got, the ending result is me losing my standard -20, as if it was a fair representation of a lower tier. 3 months and no progress on this ranked matchmaking. Tbh, this is really inexcusable.

If anyone wanted to know how badly the matchmaking was, you can just check my profile on a vg stats site. It’ll be the most recent game because I don’t think I want to pick up this game again for while… (I really don’t want this to go to the salt mines, but I guess if it qualifies then move it)

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It took them 5 dragons…

That’s the first time I’ve seen that many in one match.

I feel for you


Theyre sending these in game notes to players (Only one ive seen, from L3oN), that they only admit a SMALL group of players are affected and will fix their mm and elo. After all our crappy games and my various complaints over MULTIPLE platforms I guess theyre only sending them to more well known players.

Matchmaker is a joke, not only that, their support team is a joke if all they say is “we will be sure to pass your opinion to the devs” crap to uphold “super fast support” even when what I emailed them about has nothing to do with informing the devs. The way they respond to the community is horrid and their decision making skills is pathetic.


Idris, Varya and Ringo with horrible builds…

This is so sad.

One minute I’m matching with VG gold/silver the next game I’ll find tiers 5/6/7 in my ranked matches. I’ve seeen some horrible mismatches where pro players are up against CT in lane and the game just snowballed.

That’s if I even get to a game, I tried 6 times last night, 3 matches ended up with someone dodging draft, two ended within three minutes due to afk and the other one I was slaughtered in as our entire team got steamrolled. Spent over an hour trying to get a match… on the upside the afk matched gave me a mighty elo boost as the oppition were all VG lol

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