Raid Boss!

So my latest talent coin is Raid Boss for Phin and it is indeed legendary. Anyone else have this and how do you exploit it? High CC is fun and being able to take two turret shots for allies is Godly.

I wish I had this talent!

From what I see Raid boss’ generally build pure tank and just stand out front.

The sickest I saw was a FoR, Cruc, Wt, MJ, Ap, SH. Buddy was unkillable.

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Full tank, walk into enemy turret and just tank all the shots while your team dives them.
The talent is countered by PS + bp because they can easily build stacks off of you and then murder your team while just ignoring you.

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How can it be easy when you build Metal Jacket + Fountain + SG + CW + BM + SF?
And imagine he can 1v3 while not losing any health.

Ps: meanwhile, Lorelai attacks him with FCKING A GOT 0.3S STUN DURATION MORE!!! KIDDING ME?

Its fun but I prefer to run Phaster because you can do a ton of damage with phinn


Well most agree then tanky is the way to go… But! Consider you get a hefty damage Nerf from this talent I consider High cool down a way to go while using atlas and crucible still giving a nice health pool. I tried shatter glass last night before bed and actually it was awesome. I had to avoid damage at times but so worth the kills.

And no worries pumpkin just use him for your daily hero chest and you will get it in no time. :wink:

Now just to finish my raid boss talent montage video!

I have it level 4 and with almost full roam build you can tank a turret at full damage pretty much forever (over 1.000 dmg each shot)

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@ChangeUsername WHAT THE?! YOU MONSTER
:joy: :joy: