Ragnarok m

Anyone here gonna try that when it is(or already?) releases? Seems like it’d be an alright mmo and the cute style and different jobs with more to be added I think will be fun to explore. Wondering cuz it’s be fun to team up with some people here

Hm cutesy animu mmo? I’m interested

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AnimUwU jrpg?

Sign me up.:skaarf:

It Is a cute animo game. Still dunno what class I’d choose, quite a few choices from what I found like a blacksmith path

Just downloaded it and im waitng for the servers to be open tomorrow :money_mouth_face:

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Me too thanks

2GB tho oof I barely got my iPad and it’s already low on space

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Lvl 20 already

Add me if yall want :yum:

Added you, but watch out I’m pretty powerful

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The chat is glitchy so i accidentally messaged you instead of a mate :disappointed_relieved:

Oh you lvled quite a bit chu, I’m gonna add you both

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