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Memorial Service when? :adagio:

it shall join the other category (i forgot the name of it lol) in death


It’s a misleading category. People seemed to believe that posting there was a conduit to someone at SEMC, which has never been true. Moreover, the devs that were members here have either left the company or haven’t been here in months. If you want to address issues to someone at SEMC, the way to do that is via email or their support form or their Discord or Twitter – not here on this forum.


It was Forum Faithful. To be fair though, that category was dead and not much could’ve happened there


Sometimes your guys’ attention to detail is comical. That category was untouched for four days, near the bottom of the list of categories, and we all just finished cleaning it out last night :joy:

I’m going to start trolling and leaving random notes around the forum


But we have hipster skaarf , make it dear hipster skaarf :vgcheersx3:


@HipsterSkaarf They figured out our plan for next month - now we need a new idea


Don’t harass Hipster – he’s an ambassador for – not an employee of – SEMC. If you want to communicate with them directly, here’s one way to accomplish that:

As I mentioned above, you can also @ them on Twitter, try to talk to them on Discord, wade into the Reddit swamp, etc. The bottom line is that this forum doesn’t provide a mechanism for talking to the devs directly, and getting rid of the “Dear SEMC” category was simply to avoid implying that we did.


Dear Hey HipsterSkaarf You!

But yeah, like hazel said, if there’s a real emergency, like you need your region swapped, or have a catastrophic device issue, your best bet is to ask around here, in the #help category, or contact support directly through the link already posted.

I forward issues that come up here, so yeah, the community’s concerns do get to the eyes that need to see them, but the forum is best when it’s about players discussing the game together.


You really think they won’t be found within 0.001 yoctoseconds?


@hazeleyes @hipsterskaarf not gonna lie I thought dear semc was a useless category since I joined because the whole forum is dear semc .


I was TOTALLY paying attention :smirk:

But really I was since last night I was wondering “why are all my posts being moved?”

At first I thought I did something wrong but I looked at the catagory message and I was like oh ok :ok_hand: lmao

If Im correct, the section literally disappeared after Hazel commented on this post :joy:




:joy: Oh yeah that. It felt like most Dear SEMC posts were by the same five people