Questions for SurpriseBirthday’s AMA

On oct 5th there will be an AMA with surprisebirthday about the out of game experience. So i made this to prepare and fine tune some questions.

  1. Rng centered market

  2. Duplicates

  3. Opals and currencies

  4. Inventory system

  5. Events

  6. Sunlight system and battle pass

  7. Guilds and teams

  8. Ranked system and decay

  9. Ranked rewards

  10. Blitz elo

  11. Friend list and play next

  12. Guild and team chat

  13. Replay system

  14. Remappable controls


Ooo I like the idea of remappable controls. Especially with some size fixing too, making the abilities as big as I want or how small I want or even change the size from a circle to square and vice versa.

I think asking about having each ability having a different cast color would be good for the
Ex. All A-skills have a green casting circle, B-skills are blue, C-skills are orange, scout cam/flare is yellow.

Or the idea of having the ability to completely refunding skill points or purchases for a short period of time.

Interesting points to ask I say.

I must say this though, Questions related to topics 1, 5, 6, 8 and 9 may be controversial. I can see them having to give vague answers or not answer at all because they have to keep their lips sealed.
I’m also expecting questions under those topics to be phrased by some people poorly because they make more of an accusatory question rather than an actual question.

Personally, I think there can be some good question for each topic.
Here are some things that I feel could be asked. If a topic is not listed below, it usually means I have nothing to say about it.

RNG centered market

A few questions I like to ask them (not salty ones).

Q 01: “Are Vainglory Chests affected by the recent law made and passed by Belgium banning Loot-Box style of in-game purchases?”

Q 02: “Which is better for user experience and sales? RNG Chests or Direct Purchases?”

Q 03: “Will everything (I mean everything such as past SE skins, skins that aren’t purchasable yet, Opals etc) be purchasable by ICE from the start of an update or later on?”

Duplicates, Opals & Currencies

Personally, I want only ICE and Glory to be the game’s currencies.
Essence is a reasonable duplicate reward for skins because it translates back to skins and we get Blueprints pretty often from Quests Chests.

However, Opals feels odd to me. This is because of a few reasons:

  • Opals obtained from Chests are often small and insignificant.
  • The only sources of Opals that are significant are the Hero duplicates and the Rare Chest grand Opal payout.
  • Opals, unlike other duplicate rewards; do not immediately translate back into the item that they originate from (in this case Heroes).

The other duplicate rewards are Glory and Essence.
When considering duplicates:
Glory can be obtained as a duplicate reward for ‘Talent Coins,’ ‘Social Pings’ and ‘Charm Emojis.’
Essence can be obtained as a duplicate reward for ‘Blueprints of non-SE/LE skins and non-SE/LE skins themselves’ and ‘Crafting Materials.’

You can why Opals feels a bit awkward from this I suppose.

The question(s) I would give them:

Q 01: “Opals are rather difficult to collect and feel useless most of the time. Is there any way we can have everything to do with Opals be changed to either Glory or Essence?”

I have nothing else to add in terms of questions for all the other topics you’ve listed for now.

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