Questions about the App and Game in General

So I am new to playing Vainglory and I have a few noob questions about the app and the game in general.

  1. Is there an in game chat? Like where I can type my own messages instead of using premade ones? Many times in Blitz I find myself needing to tell people to stop like farming if the enemy is after us and the turrets.

Outside of a match, is there a chat system for talking with friends in the game?

  1. How is the community in general? I have gotten many acknowledgements at the end of matches despite being the “worst player.” And by worst I mean I got like 0 kills, all assists, because I was focusing on protecting and healing the team.

  2. Are Blitz losing streaks a common thing? I have played 10 matches, and lost 9 of them…

  3. About how many matches would you say it takes to get enough merit(?) to buy a new hero? Most heroes seem to cost around 8000.

  4. Is there an option icon anywhere in the main menu?

  5. Can you report players? If so, how. I was thinking it would be an icon at the end of the match but I have not really wanted to test it and accidentally report someone.

  6. What is CP? I know it stands for crystal power. I am thinking it means like ability power while weapon power is based on your basic attacks? Or is it like mana power vs physical power?

There’s no ingame chat. Depending on how much you play getting 8000 can be done in even a few days. There’s 1st win 3rd win of the day that give additional glory and 7 wins in 7 days (1 win per day and you can’t miss a day) that gives even more. There’s settings in the main menu, top right I think. You can send an email as a report but don’t really bother, doesn’t really do much. CP is pretty much ability power as you said and yes WP gives damage to your Auto attacks. Some abilities scale with WP though not CP but mostly CP.

Currently, no. All we have are the premade messages and pings to communicate in-game. However, there is voice chat available if you join a party with another player who has made in-app purchases (but it will be made useable for everyone at a later date).

Yes. If you add another player as a friend in-game, you can freely chat with them.

It’s hard to say exactly. While the vocal majority on social platforms for the game (such as here), is pretty positive and welcoming, the same can’t be said for players you encounter in-game, as toxicity is a sadly common thing. Don’t let this draw you away from the game though.

Kind of, yes. Due to the advantages that players can get through talents in Blitz, as well as how the matchmaker works, you may encounter losing streaks.

It mainly depends on which modes you play. If you play more standard 3v3 or 5v5, you’ll earn glory quite fast, allowing you to buy a new hero in maybe 2 weeks, if that, if you play a lot of matches. This is ignoring extra glory you may earn from daily chests, win bonuses, quests, and leveling up your account, all of which heavily speed up the process.

For android, I believe there is, but for iOS, changing the setting is a little bit more convoluted, as you have to view the game’s settings through the system’s settings.

Yes. If you downvote a player, you can report them. However, it takes a ton of downvotes from various players to actually mean something. If you really want to report a player, you should contact SEMC support.

You have it spot-on. CP (crystal power) refers to crystal (ability) damage, while WP (weapon power) refers to weapon (mostly auto-attack) damage.


Don’t have anything to add to the helpful replies you’ve already received – just want to welcome you to VG and to these forums! Don’t hesitate to ask questions – we’ve all been there at one time or another!

To flip it around, and get some answers from you (:gwenrainbowbarf:), what do you think of the new player experience? How was the tutorial, for instance? Did it give you a good sense of how to physically play, or what most of the things on the screen do?

I actually somehow skipped it lol. Apparently when you start the tutorial then switch to another app, it says you completed it.

I did not really need it though. I have played other MOBAs like LOL, Arena of Valor, Smite, Mobile Legends, etc.

And the only time I actually played the tutorial was months ago with another account I never played on then forgot password. So I don’t remember it anyway.

Just curious about what lured you to Vainglory? was it the new addition of the joystick controls?

all those other moba’s are Virtual Joystick or Keyboard and Mouse. How do find the tap touch?

Well I tried in on my computer and I really liked the heroes and the community, like compared to Hearthstone and LOL, however the main problem was that was back when I did not have a mouse.

I have a Macbook laptop, so it was hard for me to use the trackpad to click to move and stuff.

I uninstalled the game and forgot about it. Then i was downloading MOBAs on the phone and I found it. Joystick made it easy to move on a smaller screen.

I also generally moved to MOBAs on my phone because I work in theatre a lot and for that I just bring my phone. Computer is too bright for a dark theatre. So in general phone MOBAs are better for me and clicking to move and attack on a tiny iphone is not the best. I am okay with it on iPad, but I lost my iPad.

I also love MOBAs that give you a sense of accomplishment for individual heroes, like leveling them up or their talents. Like some MOBAs give you all heroes or the only sense of progress is getting new ones. Games like AOV give hero proficiency, VG gives talent levels, etc.

Also another question,

On the app, is it possible to go back and see previous matches in order to report someone? I accidentally press “finish” too early all the time because it is where the attack button is and often I just keep attacking after the game ended because it is fun and possible.

No, there is no way to do that in game. You can check an API site and report someone by sending in a support ticket to SEMC

So can you not go back and look at past matches at all? Like at least to see who you played and your K/D/A and loadout?

Or like you just can’t go back and report?

Something like this from AOV?

You need to go to a site like or vg miner or any other. Kinda sucks you can’t do it ingame but at least it’s something.

Cool. And I can connect my VG account to that?

No no, just go to one and it’ll ask for IGN and some also need region. You just put that in and it’ll show you all kinds of info.

the post match video record / report feature. I have requested this before. Suggested this multiple occasions. It would be so helpful.

But for now, most players use or others similar to that. Gathering evidence is still quite hard to do, you’ll need to screenshot or record your own video during a game, because there is no post match video saved.

kinda sucks, I know. Please feel free to suggest it to SEMC.

Two things to add to what’s been mentioned:

Don’t worry about reporting a player too much beyond downvoting them for something. The way Vainglory works is the more people report a player, or depending on if the game senses malicious activity patterns during the match, they will be ‘banned’. Also, Vainglory doesn’t permaban you as far as I’m aware, except when they shut down your account due to like, fraud or hacks. A ban is expressed by having to wait increasing times before any match, ranging between 3-25 minutes per round of the ban, and that can reach a 25 minute ban for upwards of 10 matches.

Secondly, if you see bad ingame behavior, instead of finishing, remember to replay and record it then.

Also, toBlitz is not a good indicator of skill anymore. If you want to know if you’re doing well, play ranked.

  1. Sadly no, but you can use the indicator pings. There is external apps like Discord and LINE which you can use the to talk to other players outside of the game.

  2. Its the typical MOBA community where toxicity and “niceness” co-exist generally.

  3. Yes.

  4. You just keep playing, level up your account and you normally earn enough Glory to buy your heroes with. You can earn them from playing matches, completing quests and levelling your account. You can also buy ICE, which is the game’s “credit” currency.

  5. There is. Pretty sure it’s under your name tab.

  6. There is a “downvote” (thumbs down) which is basically the report button for a player.

  7. Crystal power basically enhances your ability damage, while weapon power enhances your basic attack damage or skills on certain heroes.