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Question about "New User of the Month" Badge


Simple questions:

It says “New User” of the Month, so does this mean that only new users can obtain this badge?
How long must pass until we’re no longer considered a new user?

Thanks, thanks, thank you.


Yes, it’s awarded to two new users in their first month of membership here. Once a month passes, you are no longer eligible for the badge.

It’s one of the default badges included with Discourse, fwiw, and we can’t modify the query that awards it.


Cool! Thanks for answering that so fast. Appreciate it, as always.


Forgive me for necroposting, but what are the other qualifications for this badge?


You just have to be a new user in that given month. The badge is given to the two new users who get the most amount of likes, with more prominent forum members’ likes having more “weight” than new users’.