Question about necros


What’s the ruling on raising a dead thread if you have something productive to add to the original discussion? I didn’t see a “forum rules” anywhere but generally necros are a no on most forums.


As with most forums, it’s generally a better idea to create a new topic, perhaps with a link to the old one for reference.

That said, if it makes sense to append your post to an older discussion, there’s no real rule against it. We’ve got things set to discourage doing that on excessively old topics: Discourse will warn you (and suggest you create a new topic instead) if the topic is older than 90 days.


Makes sense, thanks. The reason I ask is because there was a fan hero thread from April that I quite liked, and I was going to add a bit of feedback before I noticed the date. I figure artists and creators usually like feedback, but it’s such an old thread I wasn’t sure. It’s also nice to know the definitive rules for reference.


I necro-ed a post and got flagged i think ;-;


Not that I can find. I just checked the flags back to February when the forum opened.


ah, i must have got my message removed then :relieved: looks like my record is still clean


Uh oh

flags every post you have


Now we just wait for someone to eventually necro this post :^)…