Quest completion indicators

I’ve spoken about it one or two other post. But damn… this is getting on my nerves.

They hid the quest section deep enough.

But why are there no quest completions indicators? How do you even omit that?

Quests are an important part of the game to me. It’s where I go when I’m not ranking. I just look at quests. I have fun doing them. It makes me try heroes I rarely play. Now… It’s a hassle to check the progress of how many turrets I have to get or how many more assists I need after every game. :sad::face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

I know it’ll be fixed soon. But I hope theyove quests back to HOME SCREEN. Or at least make the completed quests pop up on the home screen for collection.

(Also, in the previous UI we could see our tier, sunlight lvl in the home screen if we wanted. They axed that too. Right now, checking sunlight lvl is a chore too)


The fact that my rank, level, and sunlight level are all now multiple taps and windows away / not available at a glance was a back step from their claims to a “simpler” design philosophy. The quests also have no indication they’re a list.


Also quest refresh timers reeeeeeeee now I don’t know when I will get new quests.

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They have mistaken clean for simple. They have made a very clean looking Ui but it lacks simplicity and accessibility.

We need simple tabs to access key info like rank point changes post match.

For quests being the main source of blueprints and essence, I keep forgetting about them because they are so hidden

Are we playing the same game? It’s got a few edges trimmed but I wouldn’t call this new UI clean.

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Agree. I didn’t even notice the quests until today. I used to just close that pop up right away thinking it was just for skins and the actual button to access sunlight and quests is tucked away in a corner.

Plus so much stuff doesnt close with the (x) mark I need to press back. SEMC has always positioned free stuff like this, so not much of a surprise.

Flashbacks to the time when there was a special krul chest tucked away under layers of bundles and offers which made me open 10 normal rare chests, oh and the time there was some payout which had a tiny 0 to long press on in the corner of the market to open the chest and no indication or emphasis on it. They removed the quests and win indicators and received a lot of backlash so they had to revert some stuff earlier.

And now that some time has passed, boom! No space guys!