Queen Wasp Alpha Skin concept (updated)

As an alpha main, I went try-hard mode on this concept lol

Inspired by queen bee from darkstalkers.

I have other accessories’ concepts for this skin idea. I’ll see if I can post them later on.

Weapon is now a sceptor, but still don’t know how it works as a blade.



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I like her head and wings a lot.
I like the general concept too.

The weapon is a little stingy… It lacks insect quality. The problem would be her attack animations that are brutally blunt instead of precise. A bugged Mallace?


I was thinking of a huge bee sting as the weapon at first, but then I figured it wouldn’t work because it is cone shaped, it would be almost impossible to hold in game.

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How about a scepter with mandibles at the end?


She looks like that character from darkstalkers Q-bee.

That actually can be a good idea. Sceptor for the queen! Nice, I’ll try to draw it when I have time:D

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change the sword to either a barbed stinger or a scepter

How’s now?

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This could be translated straight to 3d and bee (wasp) awesome.

My tip now is go figure out model animations and make it a fully usable package and then send it in to semc signed and all.

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That’s a huge compliment wow. But I have no idea how model works, so hope SMEC team can make this skin themselves lol

They can translate this into a 3d model.

What they need are suggested animations. Running/booting the wings should lift her up and speed her up.

The mandibles should open and close during certain attacks.

Her stance should be regal etc…

is it better if the sword/scepter is actually an ornate bee needle?

The problem with that is the extremely blunt attack animation. It doesn’t allow for stabbing movements…