Pushed for declining a match

I am having a problem with
Check this out guys , I made a complaint to support staff for lpq status, their response was( see attachment). This staff member is saying declining a match before even entering lobby is just as bad as intentionally losing or afk’ing . Go…
Ik that makes no sense so I’d like to hear thoughts.
I’m a t9 gold , I don’t afk or intent lose. And declining matches is in every players right if you havnt entered lobby, it’s the only purpose of the decline button

You get punished if you constantly decline matches because it wastes other players’ time.


So let me get this clear… you get punished for using a an action they provide, with a huge accept or decline button? Your telling me that they give you an option to decline, but your not allowed to use?? Is that what your saying the rule is??

No, you are not allowed to constantly decline matches.


Why would I constantly decline a match if I’m looking for 1? Why would I sit there and waste my time for no apparent reason. See my point

Idk why would anyone do that, and? You still got punished for declining a match, and that can only happen when you have already declined multiple matches.

Exactly, the support guy couldn’t tell me anything in regards to me declining any matches, because
I dont, because it doesn’t make sense. This is something ppl need to see so they change their staff, the guy just didnt want to deal with it.

Ok so they need support staff for their support staff? If hes useless why have him help your customers, that’s just bad business, they dont know the game, yet they’re there to help you with it? I’ll just quit then , I’m not waiting 8min pre que for 4 games for playing the game like its ment to be

Not true, actually. Support is able to do quite a bit with accounts. However, nothing I’ve seen in this thread so far makes me think it’s at all likely that they’d do anything in this situation.

If you find VG too frustrating, there are certainly plenty of other choices.

Look man, as others have said they lpqed you because you can’t decline matches often. Once in a while is fine but decline too many and you get punished. It’s there for if something comes up and you can’t do the match at that second. They’re not gonna ban you for 1 decline (unless bugs which I doubt), but if you decline multiple in a row or during a certain time frame I’m sure they would, as why would you do that if you actually wanted to play?

It’s no biggie. The same thing happened to me once after I kept getting random important calls and I just ate it and moved on. Hasn’t happened at any other point since, but I haven’t spammed decline since either.

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I did decline matches intentionally before especially if I just finished a game with a troll and find a match directly , it’s more likely the troll in the match so I decline , but I get match fast the next time which means the troll still there , I decline until I get a normal queue , I got LPQ after declining 4 or 5 times , maybe more I don’t remember , so I don’t know why you got it but maybe your account got a lot of reports so declining 1 match or couple was enough for the LPQ .


Okey, my bad, gonna delete the posts, not worth having them if they are wrong.

Yea I’m just quitting, really wanted to hit t10 tho grrrr , like you said no biggie I’ll just put my efforts in another game, although if I was CEO and saw my employee lose a customer over this, I’d lose it, because let’s not forget , this is a business.

You’re missing the point. You’re making it all about you right now. While SEMC provides us with the accept/decline option, it is frustrating for those of us willing and ready to accept the match, to only find that after waiting 4+ minutes for a match to be found, one player declines. This can happen 2-3 times before we finally get our match.

While we have the right to decline a match, it should be saved for times when something comes up or one of your buddies you like to party play with comes on. Again, while useful at times, too much abuse of anything should have a consequence.

I’m not really feeling any sympathy for your situation. If this leads to you quitting, I’d humbly suggest finding strategies to improve your patience while adopting a larger perspective.


You didn’t even tell us why you are in LPQ. You are just pointing out a reason and why its not a good reason trying to divert the issue with support. If you were toxic suck it up. If you AFKd its obvious. If you declined too many times its obvious.

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He is trying hard to act like an innocent but everything in the thread doesn’t help , for me he actually looking for something like declining matches to be toxic without a punishment but he got the LPQ and now trying to remove it without doing what he supposed to do.

Even in his screenshot he talked about players reports , he was expecting reports and calling them numbers as they don’t mean anything , man in the forum we consider the game is bad because LPQ is not enough , people like you who doesn’t care about their teammates and doing what they want in every single match is what make the game bad experience for others .


Okay, I’ve had enough of you.

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