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Just pasting the text here, so it’s easier to respond to. Original author is u/TheCopyCatvg on reddit.

I’ve been playing 5v5 for a few months now on beta and I’d like to share few tips of mistakes I’ve been seeing players make.

  1. Lane control is paramount. Vainglory 5v5 is a lane centric 5v5. This carries through every phase of the game.

  2. Leaving farm for a carry because it’s “their” lane is often a mistake which can result in bad lane control (#1). Everyone needs to learn the proper things to do, shoving a lane into a turret is almost never a mistake. People need to get more accustomed to the fact that farm doesn’t belong to anyone. So many junglers and carries on twitter crying about heal camps or farm.

  3. Having impact as a jungler is more about what you do in the lanes than what you do in the jungle. Rotations to lanes to gank, pressure, change control of a lane from one carry to the other are incredibly important (#1). The only important fights happening in the jungle are usually when buff camps are contested,

  4. Buff camps in the jungle are incredibly important and they should be the keystone of your jungle rotation. They respawn on a 2:30 timer after death and the jungle and or carry who is taking the buff should plan their actions between that time period to be back at that camp, or at the enemies buff camp, when it spawns . A carry with a buff against a carry without a buff is 90 seconds of complete lane control. (# 1)

  5. Large captain waves of minions will kill a turret if your rotating when the minions are at the turret(see number 1). Rotations need to be before the wave gets there. 4 minions against a captain wave do not hold it for long. Killing the captain minion first reduces the damage they will inflict on the turret.

  6. Taking objectives while your waves are being pushed (# 1) will likely lead to loss of turrets or a wasted objective. It can lead to the inability to make use of the objective if you have to rotate a player to clear a wave. If you kill Blackclaw and then have to rotate to side lanes the enemy will be able to melt it down before it effectively pushes. If you only have 4 pushing with it, the enemy can force a team fight engage 5v4 and kill you or force you away from being able to pressure with Blackclaw.

  7. Armories are more important than the turrets in the base. Once an armory is down, that lane can effectively be ignored 90% of the time as it will continuously push (# 1). This allows the enemy to put all their focus and rotations on the other two lanes. It’s better to group up and take one armory in a push then taking two turrets. When attacking or defending a base remember to think armories first.

  8. Don’t waste your scout cams on bushes that don’t have strategical impact. Vision in 5v5 has much more scarcity than 3v3 and should be used much more strategically. If you have a scout in the middle of the river, on the mid lane side of the dragon pits you can see rotations to mid lane from each side, as well as cover that jungle entrance. There is no need to spam the scouts in the lanes side brush, because you’ll know someone could be there. The best scout placements are TBD but placement in a frequently used brush means you’ll just end up with a scout cam cleared off the map by the enemy unless you’re already in the bush and have control of that position in the map.

  9. Balanced compositions will be your best chance of success. If you pick 3 CP carries, you’re going to have a bad time. Try to form a comp with 2 WP, 2 CP and a Utility. Also, you won’t have much success without a frontline of some type. There should be at least two tanky damage dealers who can go into a 5 man fight and survive for a little bit while squishiest carries stay on the back lines. Back line roamer? Jungler and a Carry (normally top) should be tanky. If you go two full utility builds usually you’ll be out damaged when you get to late game, 3-4 squishies, jumped on and blown up,

  10. Captains could be renamed roams in 5v5. Think about early boots for faster rotations. Rotate mostly lane to lane, but also to jungle camps to help secure them if needed. You need to pay close attention to lanes and be in the lanes that are losing normally, but you can also go to a lane you’re winning to try to apply more pressure and get the turret pushed out. Take farm when appropriate to assist in lane control (#1), meaning there is no jungler or carry nearby and shoving the lane could lead to a map control advantage,

  11. Kills are not worth it unless you get something for them (#1). Obvious in 3v3 as well, but paramount in 5v5. You can and will lose map control if you’re chasing someone around jungle who is almost dead and has to port home anyways. Use that time to go secure an objective, get waves pushing, take turrets or buff camps. So many screenshots on social media of lopsided kill scores and still winning the game.

I’ve been trying to stream 5v5 every night (around 6 p.m. EST), feel free to stop by and ask questions, twitch.tv/thecopycats


A lot of wisdom there and to vouch for Thecopycat - I think he is one of the players in the PBE who has the best understanding of 5v5 and how its developed - even if we often disagree about the direction of things :wink:

The first thing I said to Renegades to prep them for 5v5 is “Its not your lane. Its not your jungle. Its the team’s farm and anyone and everyone should take it however maximises efficiency for the team.”

Hence why I recommend the side lanes take the side heal camps - leaving them for the jungler because it is “his jungle” is very inefficient (because he won’t be there often enough to clear it) and just invites the opposition to steal them as soon as they have you under pressure.

The other thing to keep in mind is that the most precious commodity in 5v5 is not CS nor gold - its time. If “your lane” is pushed in by someone else - great! Thats an opportunity for you to rotate somewhere else and amp up the pressure.

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i always take them when i try to perfect my reim top lane.
but taking the crystal buff is impossible for me most of the time, unless the roamer keeps the lane in chack. sadly, the mid laner doesnt get the buff if he is cp, even if he could.

also: a jungler with two buffs is extremely dangerous. stay away from him.

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Yeah those games are basically all about being where he is not and doing damage while you can.

Double buff is possible? How? Double infusion not allowed but double buff is?

Buff+infuse is madness?

well, it is. i really dont like it though, makes the koshka jungler even worse than she is already.
but usually you would want your laners to have the buffs and unless you manage to steal them from the enemy, giving all buffs to the jungler can leave at least one lane in trouble.

btw, the buffs are an incredible snowball helper. once you got the first turrets down, its easy to steal them and press the enemy even more.

I wish I had a ticket :disappointed_relieved:


sorry man. whish you had one too. you could make some great posts about it.

Buyable for 20 bucks… With legendary unclaimed skin too

Yeah the current golden ticket deal is insane. You’re getting 2 legendary skins,an LE skin and the ticket

But my watch began long ago. A few more weeks. I can do it.


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This helps a lot! I do still makes these kinds of mistakes, due to my 3v3 “I’m the carry/jungle, don’t take my farm, I need gold” mental.

I play LoL but i admit Vainglory’s 5v5 has a lot more to learn.