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Please oh please laners and captains do not leave a fight when your jungler is diving. No matter how good we are 1v3 is extremley hard odds


we ride together, we die together

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Not to be the as*hole main captain that says it, but I refuse to dive and die alongside of recless overextending player just to give more gold + one less player to defend the objectives. If it’s a bad dive, but I can help atleast to save the teammate - I dive and freq even die to save him. But if he dive alone vs 3-4 stacked dmg players, no point to die both.

On the other hand I saw a lot of situations when players won’t dive in good fights and leave the teammate dive.

Also situations when players won’t understand given types of heroes. For example fort is a dive hero, i.e. if I atack you better all follow b*tches. Same with my main grace, so many times I dive in the perfect moment to get the shields for my team and they won’t follow to benefit it, waiting it to worn out and then go. :smiley: ofc there are those players and team comps at times that do and it’s an honour to captain for them.

Had a game like 1-2 days ago with one great team and especially great saw… he was that good like using A at perfect times before he die and rolls behind a wall… he was atleast poa gold with that hero. Was playing lyra and we just two handly dominated + the enemy team was not bad and my other team mates also… those games man, such a pleasure to captain in them.

Sadly a rare thing nowdays, but hope SEMC will improve the matchmaker and also manage to lure more people into the game.

tl:dr communication is key in MOBA games, VG in no exception and diving is a part of the team synergy and comms.

Peace. :slight_smile:

This was a time where it was 2v1 or 3v2 i dive in repeatly making 2v2 or 3v3 even split. Now when i full dive i expect my team mates no to run especially when most the time i need to dip fast when i’m a jungler with a crystal and weapon orb since no one else want them

If you dive unannounced, unpinged or unprepared and expect me and my carry to follow suit, you’re in for a bad time.

This was while they were already fighting and leave the second i get in the fight

That, and if a guy on the enemy team starts to run, don’t chase him when there are still 2 enemy heros in the fight. You will leave your team to die.

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