PUBG Mobile

How many of u scrubs got PUBG mobile? Add me my IGN is NinjaBryden and I currently have 2 wins despite being super new cause everyone on mobile has terrible reflexes. I have also killed myself while in a top 3 spot by accidentally jumping off a motorcycle while going fast to get a crate drop :^)

I have it but I don’t play on it much. Too many other games terrorizing my life lol

Ps. There are a lot of bots and newer players usually have matches with almost all bots. The bots are there to let the players get used to the game. As you play more matches, more people will be added bit by bit

From what I understand, many ‘first’ matches are largely populated by bots. :frowning:

Many of the matches have bots in them. As you progress, it slowly weeds out the bots. You should be to mostly all real players after Level 10.

Forgot my IGN at the moment, but I’ll add you

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aDd mE pLeAsE

I’m level 15 rn lol. My first win was my first game so it makes sense, but I am well into playing with other players

I’m really enjoying my time with PUBG - more than I thought I would, given that I was never any good with shooters and the genre didn’t catch on with me. The survival aspect is great, though, and my most memorable batches are “Freeloader” and “Fly on the Wall”.
The Chicken Dinner I got without hitting a single shot was hilarious, too. Hard-carried by actual soldiers, from the sound of voice-chat.

What impressed me most, though, is that I can seamlessly switch between servers, and reconnect instantly in case my connection cuts out. Like, how cool is that, coming from VG?
I can’t even begin to describe how much stress is removed by that simple reconnect button. You can even switch from Wi-Fi to mobile data, and it will pick right back up.
Speaking of mobile data: It requires next to none. I think I’ve played 30 minutes for around 5MB. VG would have been ~25MB.

I really wish SEMC would take a good hard look at that aspect of PUBG, because it seems to be optimized exceedingly well for mobile gaming (as far as connectivity goes).

Can’t get online right now, but my IGN is PlebNation117 if anyone wants to add me. Roughly level 17 iirc.

i am very good at running but complete and utter shit at aiming. i still love it though
Smolgrump still my ign