PSA: Profile backgrounds and User card backgrounds support GIFs

Get those animated backgrounds in while they’re HOT. :triumph:

Edit: yes, I solved my own post using my own reply.

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What are they?

And so the baby was dead, but that’s not the end of the story yet

If you go to your user preferences, on the left hand side you’ll see “Profile” -
Scroll to the bottom and you’ll get two options to upload images for your profile background and user card background. If you tap on a user’s display icon (their picture), it’ll show their card, which is a brief profile overview of sorts. Tapping content within the card takes you to their main profile page, based on what you tapped, like badges.

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Oooo and the profile background is separate? Where is that displayed?

On your profile.

If you’re on mobile - tap me (my icon) next to my post, or my username atop the post content. The window that appears is the card. Tap my username within that window that appears and it’ll take you to my profile.


Ah okay, nice background gif btw subtle

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I’m totally going to up the minimum character count just so I can get more of this story out of you…


Hehehe yeah sorry i really dont know how to lengthen some of my replies

My first piece of advice would be to keep typing. :thinking:

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I will continue my story!!!