PS on cp idris

Saw dznio build it in VPL and thought that he was trolling since they were going to win, on second thoughts it might be a decent item on him. PS+infusion after level 10 allows him to unlock his dual paths, it has lifesteal and attackspeed and applies mortal wounds. Sure he is going to sacrifice damage for it but if the enemy team has 2+ sustain based heroes it might be a better pick than SF/EoH as a 4th offense item. He trades damage for that extra utility with his lifesteal and MW and better mobility

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When I do cp idris I usually throw in a spellsword to increase spamming b while unlocking his a full potential to combo with his b. You mainly are only sacraficing minimal damage when you figure his attacks do both wp and cp damage

PS might be better than SSW because it offers much more stats, it might not unlock the perk instantly but it gives AS+MW+ Lifesteal which is better than CD.

Just saying, for something as crazy as ps on CP Idris, you might not want to try it out yourself. Remember that DNZio is a pro player and that only he could probably make that work :laughing:

Nobody thought that AS on cp Blackfeather was a good thing until pros started using it, sometimes pros do stuff which gets popular and it works if done right. If you play very well with idris and can use dual paths properly it works in certain situations. It is not good to build it every time but if you feel that increase in mobility is necessary you can definitely do it.


The attackspeed will also dramatically increase his DPS and like you said his attacks deal both WP and CP damage but lets not forget the ratios on his skills on top of that.


Poison shiv + a weapon infusion and you have the weapon perk unlocked, that’s the main reason besides mortal wounds obviously

He’s a pro, yes, but if you read the OP, he is using the build against pros. If the build was bad he would of got destroyed, and judging by the OP’s enthusiasm of the win, he won that game.

Just think, yo.

it’s not about being a pro player, it’s more about hero mastery, which is hard to determine if there is no benchmark. Pro players are suppose to be the benchmark.

Usually players will get bored of getting so many kills and not dieing, so they experiment with hybrid builds. I love PS for the attack speed, lifesteal and mortal wounds. CP idris relies alot on his basic attacks at ranged, so PS makes sense.

I’m just glad Hybrid Idris is finally getting attention, I’ve been pioneering this build for a long time.


I have picked up CP Idris because of the 5 crystal bits tip. 4 min perk I smashed through a good Kestrel.

I always disliked CP Idris because of the delay with your perk and the lack of A jump.

Guess what. I love playing Idris again hahahahha

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By 4 minutes you should easily have 2 heavy prisms

He will be nerfed tho, mainly because of that stacking of crystal bits trick. He is too op when unlocking early his perk.

His early game is being nerfed while keeping his late game same for the reason you mentioned.

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I used to do that for a long time , while everyone used to mention that idris had a potato early game I stacked cp bits and unlocked perk in 4-5 mins in 3v3. His early game state is manageable, his mid game is his weakness right now. No one seems to exploit that once he hits SG/DE+AC his next spike comes only after completing full offense items

One match is not any conclusion but I am starting to think PS might be better than EoH for Idris. The lifesteal is universal and the healing was noticeable late game with all the damage coming from chakram combos. The Attack speed+Dual paths made diving and kiting much easier and got MW as a bonus.


Going primary cp hybrid i find to ease up on this you need to get your weapon 2nd or 3rd t3 item

what was your build order? SG first?

I wasn’t planning to go hybrid but had an enemy cp Baron who was blasting from far behind and had to be dived. I think 2 wp and 2 cp items might have brought down my damage output, the damage was in a real sweet spot this match. The chakram passes I could make because of reduced A CD with AA were better than what I could have done in cp alone build

Yes, SG first. SG AC BM PS+infusion was the build order. The match went for 30+ mins and I could top up infusions every other minute easily

Depends on the crystal items and weapon items but even with slight damage decrease in ranged attacks your damage for melee attacks won’t be hit which makes his ult dual usefull as you can keep your b going enemy dodges it you can pop out melee and dip out if need be

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