Profile Picture IMG Size

This may be useful for others to know. What is the profile image size (pixel W x pixel H) that is used for this site?

Many thanks!

Looks like the site shrinks the avatar files down to 120x120, but I’m not sure what the upper limit is for uploading. :skaarfneon:

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To get the best looking pfp, you definitely want to upload profile images of higher resolution than 128 x 128 … the image routines automagically send higher resolution images to devices which support them (e.g., high DPI monitors, mobile devices like iPhones, etc.).

I generally use 500 x 500 images. I wouldn’t bother going much larger (certainly not beyond 1000 x 1000) as there’s no place the pfp is shown large enough to make use of resolution that high.

I wish I could say both your replies are the “solution” - this is a good tip. I’ll modify my file to be, say, a 200x200 and see if it looks better, as you seem to be saying it’ll shrink the file and re-format it?

Thanks you two!

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