Problem with connection

In the past update I had a problem: Since 19:00 (in my country at least) the game wasn’t charging and putting onnthe screen the message of ‘bad connection :-(’ each night until like 22:00 or less.
Now I’m finding with this problem: When I’m charging a match (when you see your teammates with splasharts and enemies with same) the screen stays there, I revise constantly my internet but it’s perfect, even when my internet is too bad and I’m constantly revising it.
So to continue, to make sure, I have to leave the game and open the Safari to look if internet didn’t shut down but no, INTERNET IS PERFECT.
And the ms start to go to 30.000 or less but it’s freaking terryfing bc there’s a few times the game got still like my connection had lost or something but no!
That’s why I had to be in LPQ twice and now I had an advertisement.
I wish we can get back to the match even after the period of time the game tags you as desertor (like 1 min or 2) and with playing a considerable time in the same match you left, recover your good karma.
It’s disappointing that Trolls still playing in normal queue while other players that try the best to play stands in LPQ because the unique form of being banned is being tagged as desertor.
So please, I know it’s not problem of my network connection at all, it’s problem of Server or game in general, so please:

  1. Fix the lagg and connection problems.
  2. Improve/Fix your method of reduce toxicity.
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What’s your country? If your country doesn’t have a national server, the ping will go up super high. Also, when this happens, restart your WiFi and turn off the microwave (the waves that microwaves create can jam electronic waves).

Ecuador (?
Idk if restart my WiFi is a good idea at all…

Also try being in the same room as router walls, doors and ceilings(if you are below router floor) can diminish wifi strength