Probably, most likely, almost definitely a bad idea

So what if

The roles/paths you picked in the hero screen actually had an effect ingame. - Theres the basic idea

Heres the details:
-Picking the CP path starts you with a base increase of 10 CP at the start of the match (Say you start with 0 before now you start with as your base CP)

-Picking WP path starts you off with an additional base 10 WP at the start of the match

-Picking Utility Path starts you off with an additional base 5 armor/shield at the start of the match

-Captains roles gain 1 additional scoutcam charge
-Laner/Carry gains additional .2 movement speed
-Jungler gains an additional damage to jungle monsters (this way semc can give stormcrown back to us captain mains :angry:)

Its just an idea I had while think about how theres alot of players who dont even pick their roles even in ranked and leave us guessing until they instalock a hero in. This way they are encouraged to pick and also it wont have a too massive impact on the gameplay

Anyone like the concept of adding in some form of bonus’s per roles? You dont have to agree with me just dont tear me to shreds lol

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This is an interesting idea, and I’m not sure how I feel about it. I think it would actually get people to indicate their roles, and if you only allow one person in each role could make people actually play their role. on the other hand, it could cause massive toxicity cause people don’t get “their” role.

This is a really difficult debate and an interesting topic. I wouldn’t mind it being tested, but knowing SEMC they’d just release it in beta and then never do anything to fix it.



I dont think limiting each role would be a benefit in anyway because as you said it would definitely give rise to toxicity and it would also lean people away from having fun with weird comps like a double captain comp or a double carry comp or the scariest one in VG…the all captain comp (note how junglers dont get any love)

I think SEMC should keep the roles open ended, just add some perks to picking a certain role, or path

It may cause a bit of confusion at first though, say a carry picked the utility path just to get the bonus armor or something…

That could actually cause a big problem. You give a role a certain buff, people might start indicating roles they’re not actually gonna play just to give them that buff.

Also if the whole idea is that everyone ends up in the right role, then having multiple people in the same role isn’t gonna be beneficial. Sure, if you’re playing as a team double captain may be a good idea but in soloQ (which is where the problems are) it’s almost always gonna have to be a standard team to work. My point is it wouldn’t fix the problem you’re trying to solve.

First: the title is awesome.
Second: seems interesting, wouldn’t mind to see that tested, of course it would need some balancing (you don’t want everyone pick the same role because the benefit is far better than others).


Just gonna put my hand up and admit I’m one of those no indicating role/path people, at least in 5v5. Others don’t so I dunno where they’re going so I don’t pick indicators and just fill what they left seemingly. Tho in 3v3 it’s clear so that I usually indicate. Plus I dunno I just don’t like going through those menus, they feel off to me when I use em. Just wanna give reason for my what’s shows as indecisiveness. Only casual player here btw, not ranked