Prince Magnus


Finally, after 14 hrs in a span of 3 days, I am done. It’s not perfectly rendered. You might find some off parts but I. AM. DONE. My hand hurts lol! Enjoy!

Support on my twitter post is greatly appreciated ! Thank you


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It seems amazing. All this fan arts are making me want to see his kit even more.


he is wonderful. Are those glyphs the ones in his splash art or did you make them up/fund them somewhere?


They were showed in the concept art.


Looks great!!! hype for the new hero… :smiley:


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And what you gonna do about it huh?


Absolutely nothing, have a thirsty day


Why did they remove his headband from the the splashart, I think it makes him more adorable.


Wait wait wait! Maybe he’s the male version of Weiss! (The glyphs made me think of her semblance!)



i am pretty sure he is more of a ‘the best offence is a good defence’ sort of guy. in leaks he was referred to as yuhan mage.