Preseason 2020


Coming December 2nd:


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Coming January 8th:


The new dragon changes are interesting, can’t wait to see how it plays out. Though I am concern about that 20% execute.

What I’m more afraid of is that new ADC champion. It’s designed by CertainlyT (Akali Rework, Yasuo, Zoe) and the dude who did Qiyana and Vladamir, so I’m expecting him to be completely overloaded I also expect to be destroyed in bot lane.


I’m thinking it should be pretty hard to get that buff – one team needs to get a dragon soul (i.e., get 4 elemental drakes), then it’s still 6 more minutes before the Elder spawns.

I don’t know, though, most of my matches (low tier) never last anywhere near that long :laughing:

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Oh, look… a real roadmap. :smiley:

VG offtopic: The more I think of it: Not only the update is general (really, almost not an update - too little content and changes and this goes from 8+ months already), the update is delayed, the chat is not mentioned as fixed… but actually if we consider they started working on VG this summer - the chat broke a good few months after they started working on the game, i.e. during “their period”. Quite disappointing, I hope they step up.

Also I wrote to them about the UI and performance issues on the iphone 11 series. The response was few articles that are not related to the perf issues (it’s clearly from the game itself, not my connection :slight_smile: ) and that they know about the UI issue on the iphone 11 series, but not ETA when it will be fixed. Given the changelog and their response like 2 days ago, I highly doubt it’s in 4.9

On topic: The changes are… interesting, but as @hazeleyes said: we will see how they play out on the highest level. :smiley:

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So I finally had a match that lasted long enough for me to try out the new Elder buff! (It was a vs. AI match, and I got 4 bots on my team, so I had to hard carry :unamused: and it took a while, so I decided to stretch the match out a bit and go for the 4th drake, then wait for the Elder. Side note: the way the various buffs are represented visually now is REALLY cool:

:arrow_up: Me with red + blue buffs + Ocean Soul

Once I had the Ocean Soul, I was basically unkillable because I was doing so much damage and healing with every hit. Then I got the Elder in order to try out the buff …

:arrow_up: Me, all buffed up – I was so excited I forgot to zoom in :man_facepalming:

So the execute is pretty awesome, but it didn’t feel like it was OP. (Of course, I wasn’t facing it, so it’s hard to really say.) I think if the other team has it, you just have to know to back off before your health gets really low, because if you don’t, you’re going to die. (The effects for the execute, btw, are awesome.)

Anyway, it was a really fun match (after the first 5 minutes, during which my bot teammates sat in the base not moving :face_with_raised_eyebrow:). I can’t wait to see it in a real PvP match!


No Star Guardian skin :saw:

Also I haven’t tried the new patch but have you tried Senna yet?

Lol … I switched back to her base skin because I haven’t used it in so long! :rofl: (I’ve been mainly using Cosmic Dusk and SSG lately.)

Ooooooh YEAH … she’s awesome! I’m still trying to get the hang of her, but did I mention that she’s awesome?

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I saw this and i was like what the hell happened with VG then i saw League of Legends. oof

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