Preparing for LoL Mobile - Joystick Controls

Does VG’s current joystick option prepare well for what LoL is likely to use for their joystick layout? Am I better off trying ML or AoV?

EDIT: I removed that video and replaced it with the official promo video. More fun to watch, and still clearly displays what they’re currently using for their joystick controls. With that said, I’ll try out VG’s joystick. If I have the time to play LoL mobile, I figure I may as well try to start learning to play with joystick controls. Thanks for any suggestions!

You’re better off not trying theirs…

Vgs joystick compared to AoVs or ML is really unrefined and difficult to use.

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Just did a few bot matches. It took me a second, but I’m able to stutter-step and kite pretty easily still. Not quite as fast as with touch. I dislike how tiny the minion button is. Although it seems the larger attack icon attacks the weakest minion automatically (?) or the nearest/weakest hero?

I’ll try in a casual now - overall, I don’t mind VG’s joystick.

Which do you prefer - ML or AoV?

VG joystick is not that great at all + the game was designed to be played with touch and this leads to a lot of problems with the joystick.

From what is known, lol will have superior joystick even over ML and AOV. Between the two is a preference, AOV got a lot smaller player base tho, not that it matters as you will switch to LOL. Try them and decide with suits you better.

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Well, so far in my two bot 3v3 and then a casual 5v5 matches, I’m not disliking nor liking VG’s joystick controls. I find them ok so far. I don’t feel like it’s inhibiting my play too much. It seems to be a similar layout to LoL, then agian, looking at vids, ML, AoV, and LoLWR all seem to be somewhat similar in layout (not sure how you could differ much for a mobile MOBA).

I may stick with VG because A) I love the game and B) so far it doesn’t seem as awful as other portray it … so far. I could change my mind if things go sour - time will tell!

To really change your mind, you first need to have a baseline with other games, i.e. something to compare with. RN you are comparing VG touch controls vs VG joystick control.

Saying that, if you like the game - stick with it ofc, playing with the joystick will prepare you good enough or imho - play with touch controls and just get used to lol joystick when it comes out, it won’t take more that a week + is a new/different game.

I mean… I really dont like any of them since LoL and VG had me spoiled with good graphics and gameplay. But If I had to choose, AoV.

Back then when I played it, AoV was very entertaining due to multiple aspects, such as VG, but now Im just waiting for LoL. Having 4 abilities really does shake things up for a mobile game.

I agree with @RiseChu – AoV is the better game in that it’s capable of more serious play. Moreover, AoV does our-of-game stuff properly, unlike VG.

However, neither VG nor AoV (and certainly not ML) can hold a candle to any PC MOBA. That’s why my kids and I only play League these days and why I’m so looking forward to Wild Rift.


Apologies for lack of clarity, although I like the input about AoB being better than ML - that’s what I’ve felt as an outsider.

My question is more specific to which joystick controls do you all prefer, if any, ML vs AoV.

Thank you all! I’m looking forward to WR as well, @hazeleyes :smile:

The joysticks in both work well and aren’t janky like VG’s. The control layout is best in AoV, imo.