Pouting thread


In this thread only :pouting_cat: is allowed.
All other messages will be removed, thank you for your understanding.


The birth of OT :lanceheresy: :skaarf:


Delete this kindly.


i will have to delete you :tanuki:


this forum is op it actually shows who is replying while the type
uh i mean


I think it’s like the perfect amalgam between the original forums and discord


@BORB :crying_cat_face::sunglasses: edit


BORB is typing…


Hi BORB:heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:




yea where is fucking useful rating i cannot live without my wrench


it begins, apparently I have to have 30 characters so poutingcat


We have the OG off topic thread made! Goals


@HipsterSkaarf or any other mod useful emoj when


stupid thots asking for my :pouting_cat:, I say you dumb bitch it’s for My Dear Friend @BORB Only


no here is some cats that are not pouting tho.
:cat: :cat2: :cat: :cat2: :cat: :cat2: :cat: :cat2: :cat: :cat2: :cat: :cat2: :cat: :cat2: :cat: :cat2: :cat: :cat2: :cat: :cat2:


:t_rex: I hope this cat will suffice it’s all I have