Post your ONE FOR ALL matches. ( Also Semc needs to do something also)

SUPER FUN game mode and I hope it stays forever but the amount of Glimmershots being thrown around had my phone like a powerpoint presentation with how bad the fps was. And my phone is top notch too :scream:

Also I hate people who afk. Whether it was for a good reason or bad, I would Thanos snap you out of existence :slight_smile: Sorry for you ruining the fun.


i did not screen shot but in a party with 3 of my friends without communicating the entire team picked vox on ice skin and it was excellent. and we won :smirk_cat: i do enjoy this gamemode but 5v5 icky maybe 3v3 in the future :kissing_cat:


Is there a freaking trick to getting to play at Kinetic?! Haven’t fought one or been one in like 14 matches.

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Kinetic is the second best hero in there which is absolutely broken.

Out of the hero pool that we have this weekend…

Ringo is the best and most broken hero out of the pool. Literally the when a team fight starts, you only see a army of Hells brew chasing after you And the splash damage from it is fearsome :scream:

Kinetic is second since the whole team can spam the stun.

Vox is third only because of his CP path is cancer against a whole team of them, but it isnt as bad as Ringo or Kinetic…

Kestrel is fourth since her WP path is nice but only on a 1on1 fight. Pretty much picking off the misposition enemy. CP sucks.

Gwen is garbage compared to everyone else.

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I just want my free 2500 for finishing the event lol. 16 matches now and not seen a single Kinetic group yet!

Not to mention when your farming alone in a lane then suddenly 4 ringo’s charge at you and they are all using twirling silver… :scream_cat:


You’re luck is on point then :flushed:

It’s good but the current selection of characters available is boring, uninteresting and so small.
Carry is the most boring role to play so I’ll pass. Wake me up when they do Junglers OFA or Roamers.

Frame rate was fine even with glimmer shots galore.
5 vox vs 5 gwen was pretty lame ngl

It gets kinda boring when it’s the same hero on both teams, but I had some hella fun matches too

I beat a kinetic team as Gwen team… Then lost in Vox v Vox

I can imagine. One thing I found annoying when playing as Vox is that I couldn’t tell whether it was me or my allies that had resonance on enemy minions…

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Playing this mode with friends on voice chat is hilarious. Haven’t had this much fun with VG in a looooong time. Phew.


Fun fact if a teammate applied resonance on a target you can use that target for bounces without having to use resonances yourself


I haven’t had fun yet. I don’t play ADC heroes because I can’t stutterstep, and when that alone determines which carry wins, it puts me off to the whole thing.

The more of me means mirror me!

Things I want to say about ‘One for All.’

Good points:

  • Sunlight rewards encourages players to try it, giving them a look into the 5v5 map. This is especially good considering that we now have ‘dynamic shadows’ for 5v5 on mobile (if the player’s device is powerful enough).
  • It feels fun, particularly when players chain ults together.

Bad points:

  • It is ■■■■ tedious to get all the hero missions done, particularly cause people kept dodging.
  • Dodging has no penalty. I abused this too to get Ringo who was the last hero I needed to finish the mission.
  • The game is a bit slow. I expected it to be faster, at least on ARAL’s speed of not faster.
  • Limited hero selection is fine, but the heroes in it are not. Ringo and Vox are a bit strong with multiple copies of themselves. Gwen and Kinetic are ok, but a bit boring. Kestrel is fun, especially with multiple cross map sniping.

Hopefully, they’ll improve it next patch.

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When you finish your last hero do you get 500 for the event quest for the hero and another 2500 for finishing them all?

Damn i soloq the entire event without even realizing. The game mode is mad fun even though its carries only.

Every single time i get kinetic, someone dodges.
Have counted upto 7 times now and ofc SEMC had to restrict the event on one for all.
Its been more than 4 hrs for one single kinetic match.
Literally SEMC can’t do a single thing straightforward that actually works and does not end up frustrating players.

Yes. The amount of Sunlight players should get is the amount of Sunlight for each of the five heroes and the Sunlight they get from completing all five.

I didn’t state numbers here because Battle Pass modifies the amount obtained.