Possible ideas?

What do you guys think about removing the bright red bar for last hits so vg can have a higher skill cap? Was also thinking about a ping which you could use to ask whether if your teammates want to take objective. now that question marks are gone.

not a good idea.
this added skill cap does not increase the fun in playing and only adds frustrations
and for the later, there is the text "take objective"
its not a question, but it does the trick

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Tbh, I’m kinda mixed on the idea of removing the last hit indicator. While it will create a higher skill cap for laners as you’ve mentioned, it’ll make it MUCH harder for new/learning lane players to actually get good in the position.

no. higher skill cap doesnt always mean better.

That would not increase the skill cap. It would create randomness mostly. There are 38 heroes. Do you know all of their damages at all levels and items by heart?

No you don’t… You know it for a few heroes where you use specific builds all the time.

This would only increase onetrick-ponying and benefits certain high attackspeed heroes more than others…

No thx…


Hell no health bars a critical in any form of rpg game

I already did quite well before they added the indicator, its also bugged since 2 seasons ago, where even if the red bar showed you will still not be able to 1 hit it sometimes.

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Why make the game harder? This just sounds frustrating to me, it’s already difficult to CS with certain hero’s this would make it infinitely worse.