Pop Up Shop

This is new, right? Was there an announcement I missed?


Yeah no announcement , I saw it in game before seeing you posting about it , it’s weird .

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Yeah but, are we surprised? It’s not like SEMC have done things without announcing them before

Was pleasantly surprised about this.

It seems to be geared to satisfy all audiences. Noobs, people looking to get more skins, or getting those talent coins for your main if you own a bunch of skins and have the hero.

Now i just need it to snipe skye. On a another note, rumor is skye is getting a buff in 4.1

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Not even a rumor. It’s confirmed she’s getting a buff lol

I can’t tell you how excited I am about this. Skye was my main for sooooo long before they nerfed her into oblivion.

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She’s still really good in 3s, but not so great in 5s

Not WP, which is how I used to play her. I find her CP path much less fun.

No WP carry but baron and Gwen is good, so you are not alone in this

We were Skye buddies for a second until I saw that :mask:

CP Skye is wayyyy more fun that basic attacking like every other WP carry.

I say that because nothing feels better to Suri Strike to a squishy and see their health bar being shreaded to pieces by Skyes Forward Barrage.


^ Me with the power of Skye melting health bars


Where is the broken heart reaction?


Broke my heart to see someone attach the word wp with skye

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You made me laugh :joy:
But honestly…

Last time I saw WP Skye being fun was when BP TM TM was broken on any WP carry.

But from what ive seen, Hazel plays alot of WP so maybe it fills his hole for a WP mobile carry :hugs:

Lol, it’s what made it so perfect – everyone underestimated her. Plus, I’d play her out of the jungle, and once I got my third item, I’d show up in the lane and it would be GG. So much fun.

But then, they ruined her forward barrage for her WP path and the glory days were over.

Her passive makes her UNlike every other carry when basic attacking though

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Your a refreshes target lock duration though, you get the buff.

imo, wp skye only can ever get like 50% of her true potential compared to cp. If you wanted something fast and wp, well there are better options

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I meant her movement is unique and is awesome. There’s more than enough reason to like WP Skye over CP or over other ADCs. I’m not talking about it refreshing anything. Just the side movement beauty when using it correctly.

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