Poll: Off-Topic Subcategories?

We’ve been seeing more activity in Off Topic than in the main discussion categories some days lately, and it’s been suggested that we consider creating dedicated subcategories for topics that draw significant interest. I’ve been considering exactly that idea for a while now, so it seems like it’s time to ask you all what you think about it!

Should we create subcategories in Off Topic?

  • Yes
  • No

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If we create subcategories, which ones would you be interested in?

  • League of Legends
  • Gacha games
  • RWBY
  • Other (add in comments below)

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The thing is though, is that the only topic actually being filled with threads is LoL since there usually a new post about it every so often.

But with Gatcha and Rwby thats a different case. Gatcha is actually just one long thread about it and I really cant see us posting gatcha threads on different topics since the current thread is already so broad, that it covers mostly everything gatcha related. I think its the same with your rwby threadz

I voted no due to to what I said but if you seem to have a better reason, Im totally up for subcategories!

The idea is that creating subcategories would allow for discussion to expand beyond a single thread containing a lot of posts that may be somewhat disconnected from one another due to being restricted to that single thread.

And here’s the honest truth: activity is so low here lately that I’ve begun to pause for a few seconds every time I pay the bills for this site each month.


This site won’t shut down regardless, even if activity some day drops to zero. At that point, I’ll just move it to a super-cheap cloud server and self-host. There’s so much useful and interesting stuff here that I want it to remain available for posterity.


That makes sense. Im (now) down with it :easter_happy_1:

@DIMTI @DragonClasher Hey Gatcha buddies, what are you votes?!

I am all up for LOL dedicated section, even outside the offtopic. A lot of us mix mobile gaming with PC gaming and a lot of us play LOL. Also is a good preparation for LOL mobile that I am sure will be big and the “next moba” when released (still crossed fingers for touch control option, but we will see).

We all love VG, but it’s fading really fast and not a lot new content comes or balance changes that leads to multiple threads discussing different parts of the changes. Not to mention that the e-sport part is generally dead and that alone also leaded to a lot of discussions, including towards the meta and what the pros do that can be transferred towards most players/soloq. We don’t even have stats now that when I think about it, excluding the obvious stuff they bring on the table, they also sparked discussions too.

My point is that there is nothing really to discuss about VG right now minus one-two threads for the next patch and it’s small content. We have a great community here and no harm to expand it towards other MOBA’s and LOL is obvious first choice given how more discussions happens towards it of lately than about VG.


I feel like there wouldn’t be much harm from a user perspective in adding subcategories for the reoccurring types of OT threads.
And on the topic of the main VG discussion categories seeing less activity, it’s honestly a little sad to see it, especially in regards to SEMC. If there really isn’t much for your players to discuss outside of new content reveals and figuring out how the meta will change prior to/upon a new patch release, it isn’t exactly a good sign of the game’s state, imo.


Maybe a category about cool stuff like news about tech/advances and such.


Lol is the only sub category I’d see being done for off topic as little else is posted or it has its own mega thread like the rwby one. With that I know the forum is vg but not much vg discussion happens here anymore that I can see lol being it’s own category itself outside of off topic or even an aov section as well since people here tend to play or at least try out aov too. Seeing as vg is just not discussed/interesting to some here, I can see this turning into more of just a general games forum for those here

Hardware/tech forums will defo be cool.

Going to close this poll later today, just FYI …

Closed. Looks like most people are in favor, with subcategories for League, tech/hardware, and RWBY garnering at least some support.

Side note: for those who think I’m crazy for making a RWBY subcategory, my RWBY pre-Volume 7 thread is in the top 10 topics that bring people to this site :sunglasses:

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New League subcategory is now live!

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New RWBY subcategory is now live also!