Pokemon SwSh: Isle of Armor DLC

Still bummed out that new content is behind a pay wall but it does look nice. I stopped playing base game SwSh a couple months back and havent touched it at all since it really has no end game content. But anyways its nice to pick it back up after so long.

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It’s tempting me to get the game. It really is.

Yeah, it’s how todays games are made… you open steam, wow - game that costs normally 60 euro now is on sale for 10 euro… just to find out that it got 200 euro worth of DLC’s and only with them it’s actually the complete game = the good version of it. There are games out there that are not like that and DLC’s just adds more, but nowdays devs on purpose strip content to sell it on later date for money. Not only they will sell it, but that let them finish the game cheaper and release sooner.

The new legendaries and galarian form legendaries are nice and I want that galarian zapdos. Wonder if there will be any other new galarian form Pokémon(excluding legendaries) aside slowpoke, can’t remember if they said there would be but it’d be a nice surprised if there were. Also I just really like the new environments/wild areas for these expansions.