Pokemon SwSh Expansion Pass! Likes and dislikes

HYPE! I wasnt hyped due to all the leaks n stuff when the games dropped but this expansion trailer relit that flame.

My ONLY problem is that its locked behind money.

Never in my life would I think that Pokemon would be behind a paywall. Never. I grew up as child a little after the franchise and I thought I would forever like it.

I know that Ill end up buying it but its sad as a consumer/long time player to see one of the oldest memes and past fears be true.


Another fear was that they were going to discontinue the spin off series.

As with the new games themselves, I’m pretty mixed with the expansion overall. It’s nice to see that they’ve finally adopted adding new content through DLC rather than another full-priced game, but locking a lot of pokemon that should’ve been in the base game behind the paywall for the most part bothers me. Unless they surprise us all with the unlikely reintroduction of every missing pokemon with the expansions, I still don’t really have interest in buying either of the games yet.
Mystery dungeon has me hyped though, especially if it means eventual remakes of Explorers. I actually bought Chocobo Mystery Dungeon a while back during a sale bc I wanted to play a MD game and I’m so happy we’re getting another pokemon one, even if it’s a remake. Its March release is a personal yikes for me tho bc I have much more interest in the other games coming out that month like the FF7 remake and Animal Crossing.

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Exactly. If it was a bunch if old pokemon, fine. Its old pokemon.

But its BRAND NEW pokemon! Now newer players can finally say “oh yea, It totally havent gotten to see that said pokemon since I had to pay just to get it”.

This just boggles me.

I don’t actually mind that there are new Pokémon in the expansions. It’s new content after the game they released, I wouldn’t expect much new content after that to be free and if they made a platinum/ultra version of sw n sh to add these new pokes and story stuff that would’ve been worse to me, I’ve always disliked those.
Then again I’m also one of those people who don’t mind not seeing every Pokémon be in every new release, it just doesn’t bother me much that with this new expansion stuff there is new Pokémon in it.

I’m excited that I can actually do more with my game now besides shiny hunting and online battles. Plus more different wild areas is a big thing to me, I really like the wild area concept.
And Pokémon mystery dungeon dx, love it! The first one is my favourite, I always go back and play my mystery dungeon blue often so seeing this be remade with such a nice style to the environment and the ability to play my starter cubone has me really excited it.

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