Pokemon SwSh Discussion

I decided to just sit back and watch the :poop:show unfold.

Have any of my forumers seen anything like this? Most of the pk twitch streamers are already dreading the negativity that will partake in their chats when it releases.

But what got me to actually bring it up here is that now #GamefreakLied is now trending for #1 on Twitter. :potoo:

If you need context, there are multiple news sites that can inform you on the touchy topic. Trust me. Its really bad on both sides, community and developers.

Honestly I wonder how this will effect the overall sales of the game.

Edit: Image I stole from Twitter for context for clueless forumers. Mobile users can tap to expand photo.

Edit2: WeLoveGamefreak was trending for #1 as well two days ago :thinking: I don’t understand. I am confusion.

Also if anyone thinks that the VG community is toxic, I would love to redirect you to the r/pokemon reddit. That there is enough by itself.

I was once a follower of it when it was peaceful (I do love me some non negative game communities) but now it got to the point that it floods my feed with rage and toxic posts. Not saying that they’re are bad/unreasonable but I really dont want to see it all the time.

Also Stardew Valley 1.4 is coming out and Im hyped.

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I sort of know some of the rage at game freak, don’t really know why it’s resurged again since the whole Pokédex/new Pokémon leaks which I’m sad that I looked at just cuz I know leaks can be damaging and demoralising to those who worked on it.

I am still excited for it cuz new Pokémon is what I play new entries for plus the new land this Pokémon takes place in looks cool as it’s based off of the uk. I don’t really know how the graphics are yet nor cutscenes outside of what I’ve seen in the trailers so wait till release to see that, but I don’t expect it to be amazing or really bad, just probably a good in between.

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Despite all the leaks and Gamefreak being clocked from past interviews, I too am still getting the game. Im just a little disappointed that some of bad leaks seem to be true. (GTS)

I wont list any for the sakes of not ruining for you but I do want to see our reactions when we get the game in hand.

Which starter are you planning on choosing :easter_happy_1:

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Grookey, from the start I was set on my little green monkey and after looking at only those Pokédex leaks(only sns leaks I’ve looked into) I’m more excited to have grookey as my starter, what about you?

This is why gens 1-3 are the best. Simple product, core elements of the Pokemon game series everyone has come to love. I’ve dabbled with the newer games, and I still liek Blue, Red, Yellow, Gold, Silver, Crystal and Leaf Green/Fire Red the best.

The moves they list as “mainstay” being removed such as Hidden Power (which most players don’t understand), return/frustration, and Pursuit - really? Folks are up-in-arms about that? I’ve never found those moves worthy. No loss there.

That’s astounding to me. Pokemon is such a cheerful game, imo. I’m quite out-dated, but I find it much more of a personal game and less of multi-player/esport scence - so I’m surprised there could even be a format for toxicity to exist. Silly people, just get out there, catch em’ all, pick your favorites, and have fun!

The graphics do look sketchy given what the system it will be played on is capable of. TBH, I still find the “drawing style” graphics of early games to be more than good enough - it aligns with the cartoon series.

Sorry that the new Pokemon games are causing such discord, @RiseChu :frowning_face:

They’re extremely important in the competitive scene. Keep in mind most of the outrage is coming from hardcore fans, so changes like removing COMPETITIVE moves are going to annoy players as if, say, Hydro Pump, Fly, Flamethrower, etc were removed. They’re not as iconic, but they’re still impactful.


Yeah that’s spot on. A lot of the changes basically seem to make the game more casual, and the competitive/hardcore gamers are what kept the scene alive so long so they’re understandably frustrated. That said at a certain point people should just accept that the new game wasn’t made with them in mind and stick to older games for competitive gaming.

Edit: By the way I kinda add people who collect all the pokemon and really attempt completion in pokedex/perfect moveset building into the ‘hardcore’ gaming category, not just the competitive battlers. Just clarification on who kept the pokemon scene alive. Competitive battlers sort of didn’t but they fall under the same category in a way.

These games seem made to play once and shelf. Maybe not even bother with completion after you finish. I think that’s what gets to people the most.

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The thing that confuses me the most is that in a past interview, they said since its on a switch, they had to make new models.

But when the game was datamined, the leaker found out that the models were the same models from X and Y. Sketchy.

Also, Im fine with the dexit (despite my full living collection of every pokemon from every generation being thrown down the drain) because they wanted more balance for competitive. And Im a casual player so.

And lastly I already seen the open world gameplay and it does NOT compare to BoTW or Xenoblade Chronicles despite being a Switch AAA game.

I really dont mind, Im just here to watch. Im still buying the game because I bought every pokemon game before (except Lets Go Eevee/Pikachu cuz i hate pokemon go) and its like a tradition for me personally.

I just hope that when I get the game, it isnt bad like the leaks show.

Also Im a Gen4 baby. My first game was the best game. :wink:

Personally, all of the leaks exposing some of GF’s sketchiness and the bad impressions from those that played the leaked copy completely killed off all of my plans to buy it (at full price anyways, 40 is honestly my max for it). I’m not raging over the state of the game like a lot of others, I’m just extremely disappointed, even as someone who was okay with gen 7. It’s really sad to me to see how a lot of other 1st party switch titles like 3H and BOTW really used the console’s capabilities to make some of the best games in their franchises, yet SwSh turn out to be worse than the 3ds games.


You took the words right outta my mouth. I feel like SwSh was actually planned for the 3ds but they were forced to move it to Switch.

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I never saw the wild areas as something that would compete with botw or other open world focused games, wild areas are essentially bigger routes or like safari zones in their size. They look interesting and they have changing weather that I think I read can effect certain Pokémon appearances in the area but aside that they’re just bigger routes with not much to them.

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That particular aspect is what Im dreading and hoping to see.

Im going to take it that you havent seen the negative leak for that feature so I wont say anything more.

But like you said, it shouldn’t really have to compete with BoTW, and I agree. Two different games which separated storylines and gameplay.

Pokemon does have a very toxic community, which is surprising considering the nature of the games.

I personally will not be buying sword or shield, because although m love for Wooloo knows no bounds, I disagree a lot with the removal of Pokemon, even more with the removal of moves, and don’t like the dynamax feature at all (like seriously, since gen 6 Game freak have just come up with worse and worse gimmicks to try and make their games seem cooler).

However, I don’t feel the need to vent about it all over reddit and twitter. I’m just not getting the games.

Not to mention Eternatax’s stats…

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Dunno if any would care much but still nice to share just a little first impression as I’ve played the game for a bit now: i like how nice this Pokémon looks, nice quality and it’s new Pokémon are cool, the starters are so cute and even more so for all Pokémon when you play with them in the camp! And the wild areas are wide for really just Pokémon catching but I like it so far, spending quite a lot in just the first one looking at the raids and seeing all the Pokémon I can catch within reasonable level of me. it’s great as i expected it to be, oh and customisation of your clothes is quite big in choices.


I’m planning on getting some codes for the tracksuit when the Walmart event goes live tomorrow even tho I won’t have the game (mainly just trying to reserve one for myself just in case I do ever get it), I can certainly provide some for anybody that wants one. I think I’ll just get 3 or 4 extra codes and they should be region-free.

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Just got the game and Ill probably finish it by tomorrow.

Will drop my honest review on it though. Also fat thanks to Dimti for snagging a code for me! #Forumerlove :easter_happy_1:


So who here has one of the new Pokémon games?

I finished the 7th gym and im taking my time beating the game.

Theres alot of pros and cons but I want to finish the game before I give comments.