"Poet Silvernail" skin concept

Came up with this idea about Silvernail’s Epic skin after having 2 cups of coffe, hope you all like it.
-Background: His muse would be the thrill of hunting monsters so the scene is set in a trophy hall where all of his bounties and achievements are stored, there are also paintings and statues. Silvernail would be leaning onto one of the statue representing a notorious hunter, eyes gazing toward the skull of a vampire being illuminated by the flame of its captured soul on his hand. Next to him is a weapon rack, holding various equipments of his career as a mercenary, standing out from the rest is his legendary heavy crossbow.
-Appearance: Covering (almost all of) his head is a kind of black beret with feathers on it indicating that he is a man passionate with the art of hunting and poetry. Wearing the original poet shirt, covering it is a long-sleeved coat in the 1500-1600 period. For the undergarment, he would wear a pair of trousers or maybe culottes, his feet would be in comfortable leather shoes. Should there be an utility belt holiding his stakes, I don’t know. The facial hair resembles a Van Dyke one. His face expresses some kind of fear/excitement/flashback of his life. The heavy crossbow is carved and embedded with sacred carvings and magical runes on both side of its wooden body, carrying his case of giant silver arrows made from a dead werewolf leather on the back, one of the arrows also have sheets of his poem being impaled into them.
-In-game effects: Throwing the vampire skull now sets enemies on fire with its mythic bright blue flame. Targets being hit by Ult into structures or a tripwire would cause his poem sheets to splatter everywhere.
Inspired by William Shakespeare

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@NoopySt I like it. Especially this:

Keep drinking the magic coffee! :coffee:
Stakes replaced by quills maybe?
The flask becomes a jar of ink?

I think the quiver is a great idea. However, I don’t think the skin really needs to change the flask’s appearance, skins only serve to change the effects of heroes abilities or basic attack, not meant to change how abilities and items illustration looks like while playing. That would cost loads of effort, but the cosmetics could varies making the game more interesting and collecting skins a more worthy, valuable experience for players