Please respond to this silly question [how to get Contender Kestrel?]

It’s simple.
If I only reach Credible Threat in one of the ranked modes and in the other one I couldn’t reach Credible Threat, I will still get Contender Kestrel?
Because, I’m Credible Threat in 3v3 but Not in 5v5 and I can’t play (LPQ LMAO) and I’m too busy to play now.
Halp me pls

Yes, its reaching T6 in any if the two modes, doesnt matter what mode. Also if you drop you will still get It.

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Oh okay, I though I couldn’t bc the last season I reached Credible Threat in both modes so I was insecure.
Thank you. :slight_smile:

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Dont worry :wink:
That spalsh art is awesome…

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Congratulations, you’ll get that skin for sure! :wink:

Don’t worry too much. :smiley: