[PLEASE READ] What if we did a stream to gather new members, and maybe for forum funds?

Hey everyone,

I was thinking about it, and, I was curious if anyone on here Streamed or had any experience with it?

It would be kind of neat if we did a fundraiser stream or something equally of that nature to gather some donations for the forum. It’d be a cool way for forumers to engage with eachother, too, and it’d allow for other people to see the forum exists.

Any thoughts, ideas, suggestions?

EDIT: I edited the title to suit the transition of the thread seeing a couple of posts regarding doing a stream for establishing a larger userbase instead, rather than money.


Ask XenoTek, Flash X etc…

30 words…


EDIT: I got it now, thank you. :thumbs2: That would be amazing. Now that we’ve had a better chance to speak, do you ever think Pros would come into forums like this?


I apologize for coming off rude in my original reply, as that was not my intention, and I believe may you had taken the neutrality of a text-based reply the wrong way.

I do appreciate your willingness to pass on the idea to Pro players, and I am thankful for that, though, through the fog of my misunderstanding, I can’t say it was extremely clear to me that you would move forward with it.

EDIT: I flagged my longer response to be deleted, I don’t want to keep any heat in the thread.


I’m sorry as well. Really busy atm but I’ll continue to stay in contact threw messaging. Thanks for your apology. As you know I’m sorry for being rude. Have a great night!

I will mark mine to be deleted as well.

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@LittleOldLady is a streamer. vainglory has a stream function built in also. you could stream matches of top notch forumers fighting or something

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I hate to admit this, but, TIL.

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I think this is a really cool idea, but I’m skeptical about reaching an audience beyond old forummers. .-.

Its probably worth a shot though but there needs to be something worthwhile for people who don’t care about the forums to see. owo

you are welcome :slight_smile:

I have also learned today...


what about leftspectrs? he was an old forumer and now a coach for nova

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Put on Reddit and try to put it in the game that should be enough advertising to get atleast 100-200 players

I don’t mean to impose anything, but I wonder if @Gatorrex would be willing to help?

I’ll help with production if needed too :slight_smile:

I only know how to stream on mobcrush (literally just plug in your device on ur mac and press the start stream button. I think you can also stream directly from your phone with the mobcrush app and you dont need anything else), and i dont think mobcrush has the donation feature. The other platforms i have to use OBS and capture cards and i have no clue how to use those.

@idmonfish vs @Gatorrex 1v1 without talents in a match 3 with the same hero. Loser decides the next hero. No duplicate heroes lol.

Seriously who would win?

@idmonfish fite me phinn vs phinn m8


Imagine that fight raidboss vs raidboss :rofl: no talents for exactly that reason

I’ve already been crushed by VonC’s CP Lane Phinn so sure why not :wink:

In terms of the overall idea - I personally think it would be fun to do a forum stream at some stage - I’m not sure about it as a fundraiser but Ithink in that sense the main thing we ultimately want is more readers, which means more great content to share.


Yeah, IMO, if there ever is a stream or something for this place, it should be done to just garner interest into this site. An increase of users in here could also cause an increase in donations, as there would be more people who would be willing to donate, especially if we have some good, constructive threads on here.

I’ve streamed a few events so I can definitely help out, I think it’s a good idea to do a forumers stream.

Maybe start with a google form and let those interested sign up.


Good idea! I think this could be pretty fun. Maybe we can get spectators and commentators too. :thumbs:

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