Please Make The App Smaller

I’ve decided to play VG again, but when I finished downloading it, I only had 4% avaliable storage left, and even after uninstalling a few apps I deemed useless, I still only have 7% storage left. I’m complaining about this now because World of Tanks: Blitz, which will be referred to as Blitz from now on, allows me to decide on whether I want to download HD textures or not, as well as other, unlisted things that add to the game, but aren’t nesessary. The devs of Blitz call this SmartDLC.

More Info if You're Interested

As I was writing this post, I’ve recently found out that the devs reduced the size of Blitz at the same time as they rolled out SmartDLC. According the devs, they have reduced the size of the game from 3 GB to 2 GB. That doesn’t seem like much, but with the games and apps that I have, that is a significant reduction of used up space, so even with everything downloaded, I still have about 30% avaliable space left.

If VG was smaller in size as well as having something similar to SmartDLC, they would be powerful incentives to make me keep playing this game. Even if only one of those were to be implemented, I’d be glad to keep VG as one of my timekillers, at least until the future updates of my games makes me have a dilemma on what apps I should uninstall.

What phone are you using? I have an android with an SD card slot, so I’m able to keep VG on there without it taking up any internal storage space, makes a huge difference.