Please boost quest chests rewards

I did a mission where you have to destroy 50(!!!) turrets and that is my reward

It doesn’t feel very fair

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I’d gladly delete all kind of talents from all chests in exchange for literally anything else, even opals.


Funny thing being: 0pelz are kinda good now. They’re the only way for someone from the F2P fraction to selectively unlock skins. (Sure, the pool to choose from is limited, but some of the “Special Edition” content is pretty cool.)


Yeah. #BanAllTalentsBecauseTheyAreTrash

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Honestly Opals are that Rare, if converted to real life dollars, it would be as valuable as real Opals.

why? Let’s say it takes on average 5 minutes for each turret… x 50 = 250 minutes = 4.16 hours

4.16 Labour hours X hourly Rate = A SMALL FORTUNE.