Playing on Different Servers

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I’m curious about the experiences you all have had playing on different servers, if you’ve done so. If you’re in the USA, for example, but you want to play in the EU server, do you experience connection issues? Or does it seem quite normal?

I’m interested in making an EU account. Often when I am able to play for an extended period of time, I feel it is more prime time for EU and many folks in NA are either at school or at work. I’d also love to mix up my competition to make the game more interesting.


The major problem with playing outside your home region is the increase in network latency (which in-game produces “lag”) in a game which already is incredibly intolerant of that issue.

That said, for scrims and such (like your proposed forum tournament), I think it’d be perfectly acceptable.

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That’s what I’m fearful of. I’ll likely stick to NA only, but I wanted to hear folks’ opinions. Thanks!

I am more puzzled how with 40-50 (lets say average 45ms) ping and super stable connection (no packets lost, no jitters, really high quality router, etc) we got all those “miss-position” stuff (easy noticeable when you press teleport home and your hero moves to another location that is the true one according to the server)… this leads to a lot of missed skill shots. Frustrating, imagine how you are lance and will land the perfect impale to 3 enemies just to instantly teleport, land nothing and take half of your HP gone while you recover. This happens almost every game.

In the last DEV stream they talked how this will be improved, but I wonder when and really by how much as it’s “wtf” to have this at all with 45ms ping. Also even more sad is that before (3vs3 times) it happened a lot less, actually it was more exception than rule. Right now 95% of my games have it and to that point I am used to press teleport home all the time in every game instead of concentrating on what’s happening and not worry about if I see my real position or not.


Agree completely. This has come up quite a lot here, and the fact that the problem continues 4+ years after release really speaks to their inability to manage latency with their network architecture and the netcode within the client.

It’s very difficult to understand how I can play League, AoV, Overwatch, Destiny 2, or basically any other multiplayer game on the same home network with no noticeable issues, yet VG struggles on a daily basis.

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Same, I have two home networks - one where I am from and one in the place I live with my GF. Both are GPON (gigabit passive optical network - for the people that wonder) @ 75Mbit/s shaping, with direct optical cable from my home to the server room of my ISP that is like 1-1.5km away only, no active equipment at all in between.

Played thousand of games both via cable and wifi - never had any issue with any (will exclude temp problems caused by the games itself, but I want to bold the temp part), except vainglory. My routers are no sloth either nor cheap mainstream ones. I don’t have packet lost, no jitter, my ISP is known for good international internet, for years I didn’t even have a single network problem or blackout, nor I have ping/PL/stability problems in busy hours. Yet vainglory does that kind of stuff I described.

So yep, it’s surely the game net code and the server backend they have currently. Also I can confirm that it’s getting worse as on the same network+network equipment I have currently a vastly worse experience than the previous years before 5vs5 release + just before it (when things started to get worse. Up till 2.8-2.9 was ok tho in the meaning that it still happened, but not that frequent and was tolerable + the miss-position was smaller). More troublesome is that it keeps getting worser and as of now - almost in every game I play.

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I’m just going to say that I’m jealous of your connection and leave it at that. :drooling_face:

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Yeah, but if I tell you how much money I pay for it… 22 euro including mobile phone with 19GB of data @ full speed that is 4G and unlimited calls + roaming minutes and 150+ channels TV. In Bulgaria that is cheap and high quality, sadly we have a lot of other problems/expensive stuff.

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Yikes. It’s insane how much we pay here in the US for internet & mobile data.


I know, have a first cousin (like a sister to me) living in the US with her family. The difference is really insane.

Don’t know what stream you mean but I sure hope so. I mean I don’t really believe it but still hope. This problem is that bad for me since 1.16 when Vox could dash like 20m. Since his random super dashes happened and he was constantly getting mispositioned I started getting teleported. You can’t understand how tilting it is when I’m just walking and then some random gautlet mangets my hero into it. Like why the hell would I walk into the gaultlet? Or being 2 m away from Celeste’s stun but then you’re stunned and your hero quickly makes sure to teleport over the stun’s location. I hate that soooooo much. I’d rather have broken matchmaker if that’s fixed than the other way around. Don’t understand how that’s acceptable issue. It’s so damn gamebreaking and ruins the experience. How that thing can be an acceptable… at this point feauture(?) is beyond me.

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That depends on every player. Some have very high lag others have pretty playable experience. Best thing you can do is try. If you want me to give/make you an EU account just tell me. Don’t think there’s another way to find out about yourself.

I play in EU and NA , if you used to the lag you could play normal except it’s hard to block quick cc abilities , so most of the time I predict , stuttersteping is impossible , like ringo is hard to play , and of course kestrel , like kestrel strong part is spamming her A and you can’t do that with lag , one of the annoying thing is if you forget and stutterstep your hero going to cancel the attack and walk to the enemy , so stuttersteping is a disadvantage .

I’m able to stutterstep fairly well with Kestrel, but with Ringo, it just doesn’t seem to be possible to do reliably on my connection.

Been there, done that. :man_facepalming: