Playing miho in rank

I got a chance to play miho on rank so i took it
She damn fine :heart_eyes: i can’t say yet if she’s OP or the enemy can’t counter me but boi once she hits lvl 8 i feel like god…its the first time I’ve had fun with a new hero for a long time so :vgcheersx3:

Edit:crossed out the names :smile:

CP petal? So much time since I last saw one.

It’s really bad, but honestly better than I expected. I wish the CP ratio on her heal was higher. Could be a great way to make her relevant late game.

I like how much lane pressure she can create as a jungler. She does not really gank, but heads to a lane and forces enemies back. It is kind of a cool playstyle for a jungler.

What server and tiers? Just curious.