Played a few matches last night

After playing AoV exclusively for the past month or more, last night on a whim I fired up VG and played a few 3v3 matches. Here are my thoughts, in no particular order (except for the first one):

  • Vainglory is an absolutely BEAUTIFUL game – when you are in a match, nothing even comes remotely close
  • readjusting to touch controls after being away from them for a while was NOT automatic
  • the item tree is too limited
  • 3v3 feels perfect for mobile – match length, map design and size, objectives, etc.
  • the out of match experience continues to worsen with each change; VG is easily the worst game I own when it comes to UI bugs, inconsistent design, and user-unfriendliness
  • I miss VG circa 2016-2017

The bug I hate is the one that prevents your hero from attacking at random times, it hurts a lot when playing AA based heroes… idk why it hasn’t been fixed yet. Other than that I agree with you, though the balance is… meh, but it’s normal as a lot of changes were introduced.


Yeah, I didn’t run into that bug last night, but to me, it’s the most annoying one in VG.

I run into it constantly, luckily though it hasn’t costed me a match… yet.

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I hate the bug where quick buy doesn’t work. It ruins the in-game experience which arguably is the only thing VG has going for it.


The Vg UI is hella flawed but in my opinion nothing comes close to Tencent’s horrendous UIs whether its on pubg mobile or Aov they’re just an absolute nightmare i’ve never seen more cluttered and confusing UI designs.

It’s really super bad… especially when you are in busy screen team fight only to realize that you are just standing there. Also there is a bug with no tower path around to attack - you click like a mad man hero or minion, but your hero won’t move - only after you click to move and come to the “right” angle of the enemy it will work. Frustrating.

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Dont we all. I guess nothing perfect lasts forever.


It wasn’t perfect by any stretch but it we least we had passionate devs that tried to create a good and communited with community


Nope. The soul-sucking backwards dragging into the depths of hell as your hero struggles to even stand still, much less go forward. My absolute favorite is when it happens, as a roam, trying to get to an easily winnable teamfight :upside_down_face:

I did the same just now…
All them were the contrary of anything fun. Either I got new players as teammates while we got obliteraded by an overleveled Kestrel rare talent or we just got the same lvl8 Ardan epic. Basically my game experience got screwed both by talents and matchmaking…

Wait no, I forgot that I also got the app to freeze after opening a chest and got stuck on a black screen after accepting a match. 2 times.
I know it’s wrong, but seeing first hand how bad the game is rn, I kinda enjoy knowing smec is struggling and vg failing at being a thing. It’s like poetry.

Remember that SEMC is made up of real people, many of whom have families to support. I feel badly for those they’ve let go or who were forced to look for new jobs due to their hours being reduced. I would hate to see the company fail and for their remaining employees to have to do the same.

While I disagree with many of their decisions over the past 2 years, and while I don’t like the current direction in which they’re taking the game, I would never wish ill upon SEMC and the people who’ve worked so hard to bring us Vainglory.


The Truest of Truths, especially on the Halcyon Fold (and with Bakuto Phinn and Evolution Samuel)

I mean We’ve all been sayin this for ages so yeah

Yep, definitely prefer 3v3.

It’s funny how they managed to create such a beautiful world ingame, and yet the out-of-match UI is so horrible. Those damn cheap looking fonts on the skins in the market, the overlays, and has anyone ever looked closely at the talents pages? They’ve literally just stuck rings around slightly updated images of the abilities; if you look closely you can see the corners of some of the square image sticking out on the outside of the rings.

I still don’t see why they changed the UI back in early 2018 (I think) anyway. the old one was so much better.

Same mate, same. It’s got to the point where I actually miss Worlds 2016 Lance and the Cancerjaw era.


There is a Idris Bug where you select the destination to latch off after the ultimate and always return to your original position. Needless to say, I died alot when I found that out and lost the match.

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