Play full game and win. got deserter warning

i play br game, trying to finish win x game quest (with golden chest reward)

i play and win, yes… but i got deserter warning instead (and no count for the quest!!!)

i’m being bullied here… give me my right! i demand my right ; right here, right now!!!

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You sure that wasn’t for a different game? Sometimes there’s a delay, so if you were AFK in a previous match you might not get it until later.


i win the previous game too and without afk even for 5 seconds

it pains me so

If you get downvoted for afk too often you will get struck for it…

but… but… i win
with a very good kda for br

and the opposite side can’t vote me, right?

If your allies were trolling or were pissed at you stealing their glory they can do anything…

I ran into a toxic trio two matches in a row. An instalock Ardan who couldn’t even hit a single gauntlet right who kept on bashing me while he had a very good and communicative ally who was just great.

So 1 great player who parties with two toxic noobs… First match our mid afks because he is done with them…

Second match we lose because Ardan uses gauntlet to lock in all enemies every time instead of splitting them up.

I get added and tell him how to gauntlet properly and he then blames his ping…

After that he starts bashing my builds…

This game needs to die so we won’t play it anymore…

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