Ping spikes and game crash

So I was playing 3v3 ranked, when I started getting massive 2000 ping spikes every 30 seconds or so. After about a few minutes of this, everything froze, and it said that the game couldn’t connection to servers. After the error message appeared a few times, the game crashed and when I opened the app, I was signed out. Getting back into the game, the previous match was still going on, but still with massive ping spikes.
I have a honor 7x running Android nougat with the last updates for both my phone and Vainglory. The WiFi is fine, nothing is wrong with it.


I haven’t seen any reports of any servers messing up. As a quick trial try clearing the game’s cache and data through you Android settings, ik it is a pain as you have to redownload the extra stuff and login. Also make sure you have all non system apps set to always sleeping during the game. If none of that works try a full uninstall and reinstall. In worse case if none of those work for you please report it to seems through

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Thanks SatanicSoldier, but I figured out that my phone constantly switched between my router wifi and an extender in the basement for no reason at all. The constant switch resulted in the ping spikes, but it still doesn’t make sense to sign me out.

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Hmm maybe you should look into a net system instead of a extendor