Ping, Lag, Connectivity Issues? Grrr

Why the hell is this promblem happening to me now, this promblem used to be rare for me to experience but now it’s rampant in each match I face ping upwards to 3k causing my game to crash and restart itself. If that wasn’t enough the times it is not at 3k it’s at 500 making the game impossible to play. Honestly idk what to do anymore.

(Already tried restarting my wifi and redownload the app)

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Can you post the results you get from this tool?


Like this?

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Yah, but how about the other ones? Especially the packet loss results.

Have you stuck with the same device? Using an older device can and will look like laggspikes. But often they are ram and graphical issues.

Do you have the quality’s settings on high or auto?

I got it when I change my system into Low Performance.
Try to see if you hace High or Low Performance

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