Pigstuffs’s hero extravaganza (not some dumb otters..)

Uuuuh my turn for doing what slashingwinds (i beleive) has done so uuuuuh yeah


Perk: Metamorphicer (ha thats a pun): after walking without basic attacking for 1 second, Gorja transforms and turns into a large boulder. The boulder has 1 extra movement speed and 5% bonus defensive and health stats. The boulder also deals crystal damage to whoever you roll over, per second. Stuns knock Gorja out of this form. Abilities also, but after you use an ability

A ability: A stones throw: you select an area and Gorja jumps to that location, gaining move speed and applying that bonus to any allies (including kraken and minions). Enemies she lands on get crystal damage.

B ability: Fists of stone: Gorja jumps to her target and gives them an uppercut dealing crystal damage and slowing them. Enemies close to this target get 70% of these effects. Afterwards Gorja gains crystal power infused to her next couple of basic attacks. The cooldown is reduced with attack speed. On overdrive the indirectly targeted enemies get full damage.

Ult: Stalacsomethings: Gorja selects an area. A path of stalactites come up in a row consecutively. The deal damage and push enemies to either side. At the target are an extremely large stalactite erupts dealing a lot more damage and pushing enemies further. This barrier is treated as a wall and can only be crossed by jumps.

Gorja is classed as a laner but can be used as a support. She can be played weapon or crystal using her mobility to engage and disengage. As a support she can use her team move speed to help as well as the Stalacomethings to block off area’s. She is melee.

Thoughts: uuuuh still good? I beleive with this i was inspired by baptiste and how he could flex and also i hadn’t designed a melee laner before. With her i wanted someone who could literally crush her opponents and move quickly around the battle filed while also helping her teammates. Her ult is just something i want implemented in the game and i thought it worked well with her kit


Perk: Dead Inside lol
Crumble cannot die but counts as dead towards aces. To make up for this Crumble has to do double the amount to stack item perks.

A ability: Hey You Too
Crumble burps at enemy dealing cp damage and then more slow bursts of cp damage in an area. The targeted enemy gets Crumbles perk, except can die, for 10 secs (15 overdrive)

B ability: Noose Chan is Waifu Desu
Crumble summons a churn plant which wraps around an enemies neck rooting them and dealing cp damage. During this time Crumble is empowered dealing 5% (+1%) more damage and faster move speed.

Ult: Souless Husk
Crumble becomes spirit form and can walk through walls avoids cc and gets a slow on basic attacks as well as 2 charges on each ability.

Thoughts: this hero was designed for Zeo/Flicker/Bob Ross. He asked for a churn-infested meeko and that’s what he got. I wanted to make someone who could never die but balanced and still useful (he’s op :frowning: ) also i was sleepy so it’s a bit memey



Perk: Magic Spells
Amie’s basic attacks deal crystal damage and count as abilities as well as basic attacks. (They activate frostburn, spellfire, aftershock, clockwork)

A ability: Sphere Spell
Amie shoots out 5 blue spheres that track the target. They can be body blocked. Each subsequent sphere that hits an enemy deals increased damage and gives Amie’s next basic attack more damage as well as a health barrier.

B ability: Cat’s Cradle Spell
Amie has 4 seconds to target as many things as she can with increased range basic attacks that do not do damage. After this period of time everyone connected randomly swap spots and get hurt and rooted. The root duration and damage increase for the amount of enemies in connected.

Ult: Phoenix Spell
Amie summons her phoenix that deals damage in a large area. Any enemy heroes hit get attacked by a phoenix which deals increasing damage over time which increases more for the damage being dealt to other enemy heroes.
Passive: Phoenix Rebirth
Amie gets a phoenix to follow her upon unlocking this ability that heals her in a magic flame if 3 or more enemies get hurt by any of her abilities.

Thoughts: i wanted to keep her with her lore and be a completely new unique mage. So she is rewarded for dealing damage to multiple enemies except none of her abilities are aoe (except ult but the bit that counts is single target) she was interesting for me. But i think i could try something better on her b because it could potentially suck if you get the wrong enemy close to you. Also you have 4 seconds where you can’t basic attack


Perk: Oinkneous (igneous+oink xddddd)
When Magmaw has a target or uses an ability, he over heats and gains +2 movespeed and +10% offensive stats. When using boots or not having a target for 1.5 seconds his lava hardens and becomes a rocky shell giving him +15% bonus defensive stats and extra health regen.

A ability: Lava Swill (like lava spill and pigswill moar xddddddd)
Magmaw spews out a lava pool that slows and burns enemies dealing a burst of cp and then some damage over time. (The pool does damage and so does Lavaburn) Lavaburn does damage over time and roots enemies for 0.8 seconds when it runs out.

B ability: Hot Trotters
Magmaw does a short dash and gains hot trotters which increases his move speed and his basic attacks apply Lavaburn and slow enemies. Enemies who walk behind him get cp damage and are slowed. (Does not activate Oinkneous’s molten form.)

Ult: Metaporkphic (like metamorphic and pork even moar xdddddddddd)
Magmaw transforms dealing huge cp damage in an are around him and applying Lavaburn to his enemies. He then gets both buffs from his perk and his basic attacks are aoe (core collapse size) and deal cp

ThoughtS: this was made for magmaw who requested a pig/lava golem after i asked for inspiration because i wanted someone who could be offensive and defensive inspired by idris’ split perk. He doesn’t seem that bad to me. It’s a shame that SEMC never put in fan-made heroes.


Perk: Lingering Curse
Malene falls asleep for 1.5 seconds every minute. If she wakes up by herself she heals for 10%-30% of her max health. If she is woken up by other means then she becomes empowered gaining movespeed, increased basic attack speed, crystal ration on basic attacks and lower ability cooldowns for 3 seconds. These effects can happen even if someone else put her to sleep.

A ability: Mirror Cause
Malene forces her sleep and her mirror hovers above her, majestically. It remeber what caused this and orange thorns spill out dealing area damage and rooting enmies caught in the initial blast. Walking over them damage every second and slows.
Passive: Malene gets % damage reduction while she is sleeping.

B ability: Absolutely Stunning, Darling!
Malene flicks her hair, slowing enemies around her and dealing damage. Reactivate it and the mirror catches the light on her hair, stunning enemy heroes that were in the area and dealing extra damage.
Passive: Malene cannot be affected by any other forms of cc while asleep.

Ult: Reflection on Actions
Malene channels and her mirror positions itself infront of her in the chosen direction. Any skillshots that hit it bounce back and become allied to Malene’s team. Anything that hurts her from that direction instead hurts the enemy for 40-70-100% of the damage and applies the cc to them (for the complete duration and strength).
Passive: While sleeping he damage that got reduced and the cc that didn’t effect her get applied to whoever would of done it to her.

Thoughts: i wanted to relate to the lore as many clues as we got i don’t think she is too bad again it’s a shame SEMC doesn’t listen to the creative side of the community

If you thought these were bad just you wait. These next few are even worse and extremely old. You are lucky that i cut some out


Name: Mark

Job: Apprentice of the Sandman

Gender: Male

Role: Protector

Position: Captain

Attack: Melee/ranged (I don’t know what to put)

Perk: Dreams Never Die
Mark has 2 sheep that follow him; a white one called Dreams and a black one called Nightmares. These sheep deal weapon damage and count as melee. Mark cannot basic attack only point out the target that the sheep will attack. The sheep cannot have cs on them. The sheep cannot be hurt if Mark has been hurt in the last 20 seconds. If the sheep die it takes 20 seconds for them to respawn and they will respawn wherever Mark is standing. The can go 6 meters away from where Mark is standing to attack enemies. When Mark respawns the sheep will respawn with him. If a sheep is dead Mark gains increased armour and shield.

A Ability: The Stuff Of Dreams
Mark calls Dreams (the sheep) to him. When Dreams reaches Mark he picks some of Dreams’ fluff. When he does his Dreams lets out a bleat in the form of a pulse of crystal damage which goes further the more crystal power Mark has. Mark holds the fluff in the air and all enemy heroes instantly get silenced for 0.75 seconds and pulled towards Mark no matter where they are on the map. The get pulled further the more crystal power Mark has.

B Ability: The Stuff Of Nightmares
Mark calls Nightmares (the sheep) to him. When Nightmares reaches Mark he picks some of Nightmares’ fluff. When he does his Nightmares lets out a bleat in the form of a pulse of crystal damage which goes further the more crystal power Mark has. Mark holds the fluff in the air and all enemy heroes instantly get silenced for 0.75 seconds and pushed away from Mark no matter where they are on the map. The get pulled further the more crystal power Mark has.

Ult: The Stuff Of The Sandman
Mark opens the 2 pouches on his side and throws he dust into the air. All enemies on the map instantly go to sleep. They go to sleep for longer depending on how much crystal power Mark has.

Mark is an apprentice Sandman (the dream kind) but stole some of his Master Sandman’s Special Sleeping Sand and ran away.

Thoughts: this guy is basic. He is a roamer that can help you no matter where he is on there map. Of course now i see that he would be slightly op but meh. His perk could do with a redo because it’s kind of wierd


Name: Gus

Species: A Floppy-Hat (a species of enchanted scarecrows that can think)

Gender: Probably male (they don’t reproduce)

Role: Assasin


Attack: Melee

Perk: Still, In The Fields
When Gus stands still his name tag and health bar vanish enabling him to hide in plain sight. When he basic attacks he marks enemies with corn and 2 seconds after they stop getting hurt by Gus they get attacked by 5 crows dealing crystal damage. When Gus gets killed he deals crystal damage in a small area and marks nearby enemies with corn.

A Ability: More Of Me
When activated Gus pauses for 0.25 seconds and when he steps away there is a clone of him. The clone cannot move but has Gus’ perk. The clones can see 0.75 as far as heroes. They remain until they get killed by enemies and have 45% of Gus’ defensive stats. The ability has 3 charges. If Gus is within one meter of a clone he can destroy it if he has no charges.

B Ability: My Bodies Are Mindful
When this is activated Gus moves to the first clone he made. He keeps his health. The body he leaves turns into a clone.

Ult: What I Scare
Gus picks an area and after a second a huge crow comes down in an oval area. Any one the crow touches gets massive crystal damage on tham and rooted and silenced for a duration increasing with ultimate rank.

Gus is an enchanted species of scarecrow called Floppyhats. Floppyhats are exactly like scarecrows but can think. Gus has so much will power he found he can pull his pole along the ground with the strength of his mind. (Normal Floppyhats can’t move or talk)

Thoughts: when i was less experienced i was into mobility being the strongest trait so this guy can move around the map in seconds. I was unsure of how to make an ult and how to destroy scarecrows in case you misplaced. Of course i can now see how he could be easily abused.


Name: Grentin

Species: Goblin

Gender: Male

Role: Warrior

Position: Jungler

Attack: Melee

Perk: Pick-Pocket
Gretin gets 1 more gold for each 10 health of things he kills as well as the normal bounty.

A Ability: Sack Whack
Gretin walks the enemy with his sack dealing crystal damage and 10 more damage for each 100 gold he is holding.

B Ability: Goldineye
Gretin throws 2 gold coins at a selected enemy, dealing crystal damage and blinding them so they can’t see past 5 meters. If the enemy is killed within 10 seconds the killer and Gretin get bonus gold.

Ult: Fruit Of The Fey
This ability has 3 charges. When activated the next enemy hero that isn’t affected by this hurts Gretin they get the effects of the fruit. The effects are the enemy gets crystal damage over 8.5 seconds. Any non-hero targeting circle things (?) are 2.5 their original size. This also lasts 8.5 seconds.

Thoughts: I beleive this was made just prior to 2.0 so it is why he is based around getting a called lead. Snowballing easier with less risk while still being good late game wait what does op mean

Ahk’rem VII

Name: Ahk’rem VII

Species: Mummy

Gender: Male

Role: Warrior

Attack: Shorter than ranged but longer than melee (he uses whips)

Perk: Bandaged
Anyone that Ahk’rem VII has attacked in the last 3 seconds is snared.
Instead of energy Ahk’rem VII uses Bandage Length. Bandage Length starts at 100 but can be increased by buying energy.

A Ability: Bandages of Kings
Ahk’rem VII shoots out a bandage in a selected direction. The bandage goes as far as it can until it consumes all your Bandage Length. If the bandage touches anything that isn’t a minion (lane or jungle) it pulls Ahk’rem VII towards it. If it touches a sentry, hero, turret or gold miner/kraken it damages them when the adage touches and also when Ahk’rem VII lands on them. If the bandage successfully touches something and starts to pull him the ability gets a second charge which has to be used in 3 seconds or the whole ability goes into cool down which is 3 seconds. You can only use the second charge if you haven’t used all your bandage length and if you do use it and it connects Ahk’rem VII goes to the middle of the 2 bandages.

B Ability: Sarcophagus
Ahk’rem VII enters a sarcophagus. While in it Ahk’rem VII gains fortified health. When he gets in he summons up a sandstorm which deals light crystal damage over time and slows in a large area. For every enemy that enters Ahk’rem VII gains a portion of health. While in a sarcophagus Ahk’rem VII gets stealthed every 0.5 seconds and is silenced and rooted. The stealth last 1 second each time.

Ult: Pharoahs Hooks
Ahk’rem VII sends out 2 hook shaped bandages out as far as bandage length will allow. If the hooks touch an enemy hero he pulls that enemy towards him and through him so that it lands behind him. As the go through him they get hurt.

Lore: Sacrifices Galore
The mummy of Ahk’rem VII snapped its eyes open. Voices were everywhere, but only in his head. We are the Churn. We brought you this… this…this imitation of life. We are growing weaker, ever weaker. We cannot sustain you. You must have sacrifices to remain. We need you to have the sacrifices from the land of the Halcyon. The living there weaken us. We need them DEAD.
The mummy sat up. There were pictures in its head. A place with mountains and a mine of crystal. A bridge over water. Huge untamed plants. There was a direction. He must go in this direction. Ahk’rem VII got up and walked. Walked across the boiling sands that did not burn. Walked forwards through the windstorms that no longer stung. He new there was a place just for him in this direction. A place with sacrifices … galore.

Thoughts: woah what an epic lore …
anyway this guy was inspired by someone from bing bong so woo. His perk is because i thought (still do think) hat snares are underused (now lyra has none anyway snares don’t exsist anymore) woo the drugs are kicking in so everything will be smaller.


Name: Bogle

Species: Boggart

Gender: Male

Position: Jungle

Attack: Melee (whacks with cupboard doors)

Perk: Shapeless
Bogle can only be affected by cc and status effects for 1 second.

A Ability: Arachnophobia
Active: Bogle summons spiders increasing with level up that stay within an area and all attack the same thing as Bogle but slow it with webs. The spiders’ health and attack and lasting time and slow percent scale with crystal power.
Passive: Spider legs made of darkness come out from under the cupboard, increasing his moved speed by 4 (which starts at 1 (phinn’s is 2.8…)) and allowing him to climb over walls while sprinting. The legs go away if he hasn’t killed anything in the last minute. They come out when he sprints or upgrades the ability and when he respawns he doesn’t have them.

B Ability: The Fear Of The Unknown
Active: Bogle summons up a patch of darkness. This lasts for 4 seconds and activates once a hero stands on it. If they do it deals crystal damage in the area and either roots, stuns, silences, slows, snares or puts them to sleep. If it doesn’t get activated it deals damage to anything in it at the time. The cc last different amount of time (the slow/snare lasts the longest, the stun lasts the least)
Passive: If Bogle is in a bush and taps in another bush Bogle stays in the same place. Once enough time has passed so that if Bogle had moved he would of arrived there Bogle teleports into the bush in a small puff of darkness/crystal damage. If Bogle gets stunned/rooted/killed he stops the movement like a hero would stop walking. If he gets slowed that is included in the time of movement. If Bogle taps somewhere else to move while he is waiting to teleport, the teleport is cancelled and Bogle starts walking from the bush he is standing in.
Redo: Bogle has a certain range of which he can teleport and a max time and minimum time to take to teleport.

Ult: You Are Right To Fear The Dark
Darkness spills out of Bogles’ cupboard dealing massive crystal damage in an area around him. Enemy scout traps around him in a larger area get activated. Enemies can’t put flares or scout traps down. Enemies can only see other creatures/heroes/minions that are within 4 meters ( or around fairy dust range). They can’t see what they’re allies can see. (So they cant see anything on the map apart from what’s right in front of them (they can’t see they’re allies either)) the target gets feared from his allies.

Lore: How To Have Fun
These three steps are easy to follow
And will make your enemies eyes empty and hollow

First you must find an are or place,
In which you think the things there are a disgrace.

Second you need to a place to hide
Like a bush or of a cupboard, the inside.

Third and last you ally with their fears,
Something to make become dehydrated with tears.

Once they are gone the place is yours.
Use the darkness to make it so forever more.

-helpful tips for happiness that is unkind.
And more is what you will find
In the deliciously dark depths of Bogles mind.

Thoughts: oh my. The lore is cringe. My poetry is much better now (do not reference the valentine poem thread for good poetry) anyway this guy… extremely op. Mostly i was interested in boggarts from reading the Spooks series and enjoyed the perk… but i just couldn’t come up with balanced abilities to center around fears. I like the passive though

Tree Witch

Name: Tree Witch

Species: ???

Gender: Female

Position: Jungler

Attack: Melee (Spikes people with her pinecone hands)

Perk: Sunshine and Darkness
Instead of energy Tree Witch uses Sunlight. Tree Witch gains Sunlight by not standing in a bush. Sunlight is capped at 100. Buying energy and energy regeneration increases the amount of Sunlight Tree Witch can have.

Tree Witch gets super increased health regeneration when standing in a bush.

A Ability: Far Roots
When activated Tree Witch turns tree-like and gets armour, shield and fortified health. Tree Witch can’t move. Tree Witch can move a root around in stead of walking but the root cant be hurt or targeted because it is underground. The root moves as fast as Tree Witch. Tree Witch can be in this state until she runs out of sunlight. Once she has run out of Sunlight she teleports to wherever the root ends up. The root can go under walls.

B Ability: Leafstorm
Tree Witch summons 8 leaves in a circle around her. The leaves spin each one dealing crystal damage to any enemy it touches. The leaves do one 360˚ turn when summoned. If any leaf hits any enemy they do another spin. If they hit an enemy that time they do another spin. This continues to happen until they don’t hit any enemies. For each round the leaves gain more damage and shield pierce and spin faster and give her sunlight. The leaves reduce the cool down of Leafstorm by 1 second for each round until there is one second left. Once the leaves stop spinning there will always be a one second cool down.

Ult: Tree.
Tree Witch transforms into a giant walking tree. There is a big area full of roots around the tree Tree Witch. Only the tree Tree Witch can see this area. Any enemy that steps into it gets rooted for a time. Once they are finished being rooted they are snared until they get out of the area. If they re-enter the area they get rooted again. Tree Tree Witch can basic attack anyone within the circle of roots using the roots. The roots deal weapon and crystal damage and cannot be slowed or increased in attack speed. They pierce armour and shield.

I don’t know what to put but her real name is Mathalda.

Thoughts: her a is a mechanic that i really like but her ult is op. The perk is one of the most balanced things i had come up with in this time so give it a little thumb up. The b can be easily abused


Name: Oble

Species: Possessed Sandcastle

Position: Jungler

Attack: Ranged

Perk: Wet Sand
Oble has two types of basic attack. The first is most common and is made of sand. It applies sand to enemies and stays on them for 15-35 seconds. The second type of basic attack is made of water. It does 90% crystal ratio and increases Oble’s movement speed by 1 for 3 seconds. If an enemy with sand on them gets hit by a water attack then they get a small burst of crystal damage are slowed by 30% for 4 seconds and take 1.5 times more damage from Oble’s first 2 abilities.

A Ability: RIP Tides
Oble spews up the lost souls of unhappy children from his mouth. It does extra crystal damage to people directly in front of Oble. It pools around Oble in a circle moat dealing damage over time to enemies inside it. It moves all enemies inside it 180º around him. Oble cannot move during this time but gets bonus move speed and increased basic attack speed and range afterwards. This applies wetness to his enemies with sand on them.
Overdrive: Applying water to wet sand enemies increases the slow by 10% to a max of 90%
Passive: Oble has more chance to do a water attack.

B Ability: Sandpit
Oble’s enchanted spade flicks sand at enemies in a curve in front of him. This deals crystal damage and slows the enemies. This applies sand to enemies.
Overdrive: Applying sand to wet sand enemies increases the duration of the wet sand by 1 second up to a max of 10 seconds.
Passive: Upgrading this ability increases the 1.5 times vulnerability for wet sand enemies to Oble’s first 2 abilities.

Ult: Come Play With Me…
Oble gets Entrancement on himself. Entrancement Entrances nearby enemies to get silenced and walk towards the source of Entrancement. Oble gets a whirlpool and sandstorm flying around him applying wet sand to enemies around him. The sandstorm deals weapon damage and the whirlpool deals crystal damage. Both deal damage over time. During this all of Oble’s basic attacks apply wet sand to enemies applying the effects of sand and water.
Passive: Increases chance of throwing a wet sand basic attack while this ability is not in use.

Thoughts: inspired by a Pokémon that had recently come out and also i wanted to have a perk where you applied stuff to enemies woo


Name: Wand

Species: Black Gythian (that live on Archelion (this guy is like Lance))

Position: Captain

Attack: Ranged (shoots magic from his wand)

Wand is a Gythian Mage that uses intangiblility to protect his allies.

Perk: Explosive Technique
Wand’s abilities explode and do full damage and effects to whatever is caught in the radius. Wand uses Stamina instead of energy. (It is same as Lance)

A Ability: Nullify
Wand targets an enemy projectile (Hellfire Brew, Hellrazor, Solar Storm, Basic attacks, One Shot, One Kill, Nulwave Gauntlet, ect.) it becomes intangible and cannot hurt any allies. All effects still take effect. (Example: Hellrazor still stuns and slows but no longer does damage. Using his perk if he targets the middle star of solar storm all stars get nullified) (frostburn effect takes place)
Overdrive: You can use Nullify on Gythian Barrier but Gythian Barrier lasts for less time. If you use Nullify on Gythian Barrier no enemy projectiles pass through it.

B Ability: Gythian Barrier
Wand makes an invisible (to enemies) wall. (About as big between the jungle shop rocks to the doubles minion camp). Allies can pass through it but enemies take damage and a knocked back and stunned for a short time. (The Explosive Technique perk explodes from the entire wall). Each enemy can only hit this barrier once but can still be affected by someone else hitting it.
Overdrive: If three enemy heroes get stunned by this at the same time this has half cool down and the cool down of Nullify is reset)

Ult: As Hard As Rocks
Wand can make one wall intangible to allies. (Explosive Technique explodes from the intangible wall)

Thoughts: i wanted to make a back line support that didn’t heal (Before lorelai s time) also yeah a mage version of lance


Name: Stem

Species: Meeko

Position: Captain

Attack: Ranged, shoots sunlight

Stem is a happy little Meeko who helps his allies with his garden.

Perk: Plant Splicer
Stem can plant his abilities on already existing flowers. The first flowers health is restored and gains the second flowers abilities. The range is the first flower + 35% of the second flower. The cool down of the second flower is reset.

Instead of energy Stem uses sunlight. Sunlight regenerates at 10 per 0.5 seconds as long as Stem is not in tall grass. Sunlight caps at 200.

Stem gets flown around by Guenuj the battlefly. Guenuj can fly over obstacles at the expense of sunlight and Stem is item silenced for 2 seconds afterwards.

A Ability: Photosynthesis
Stem tosses a seed at the target location. The seed grows into a daisy which fills its nearby location with light and pollen. This increases health and energy regeneration. It gives them bonus armour and shield as well as a percentage of Stem’s. Any enemies get hurt if you plant the seed on them. This flower has health and defence equal to half of Stems bonus health and defence. This flower also has base health. The health of the flower can be taken away by the damage of enemies. When the flower. Is destroyed it explode into crystal power.

B Ability: Thorny
Stem tosses a seed at the target location. The seed grows into a rose which fills its nearby location with darkness and aphids. Any enemies get hurt if you plant the seed on them. This flower has health and defence equal to half of Stems bonus health and defence. This flower also has base health. The health of the flower can be taken away by the damage of enemies. When the flower. Is destroyed it explode into crystal power.

Ult: Sleepscent
Stem tosses a seed at the target location. The seed grows into a poppy which fills its nearby location with seeds and pollen. This flower deals crystal damage in pulses and puts enemies to sleep. Any enemies get hurt if you plant the seed on them. This flower has health and defence equal to half of Stems bonus health and defence. This flower also has base health. The health of the flower can be taken away by the damage of enemies. When the flower. Is destroyed it explode into crystal power.

Thoughts: I wanted to make more captains and also my current favourite hero was petal thats all for now have fun

Anyone who reads all of this i salute you

Alright so I’ve read all of the main characters and I just wanted to talk about Crumble a little bit.
Being a character who can’t go under 1HP although interesting, is also difficult to balance. What I would suggest doing is making Crumble change in effectiveness based on his % current HP.

For example, at full health, Crumble could be a big body blocking captain with large amounts of CC, while as he gets lower HP he shrinks in size (making Body Blocking more difficult), does less damage and has lowered CC durations. This would also partially solve obvious problems such as the ever constant threat of a dragon steal when Crumble is around, as it would be much more difficult for Crumble to deal enough burst to steal anything.

E.G. All damage spells deal damage based on % current health (minimum of 10%)
So if you had 300 CP from a DE BM, it wouldn’t even matter if you should be dead because 10% of a damage ability is basically a Cath Stun or Lance Impale without the CC.

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